• Workshop: Recruiting 130 job seekers specialized in communications and technology in the private sector within two months


    ​Targeting more than 700 specialists during the coming period

    Workshop: Recruiting 130 job seekers specialized in communications and technology in the private sector within two months

    Ayedh bin Saeed Al-Qarni, Director General of the Business Sector of Silah Company, confirmed that the company, within the initiative of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology aimed at recruiting and qualifying national competencies in the technology sectors, has employed 130 specialized job students from national cadres in private sector companies within two months, after their training and qualification, adding that the company The next period targets 700 jobs.

    Al-Qarni said during a workshop organized by the Chamber represented by the Committee on Tuesday, November 23, 2021, entitled: The Strategy for Recruiting and Qualifying Specialists in the Communication and Technology Sectors, and moderated by Nasser bin Rashid Al-Bagash, member of the Board of Directors and Chairman of the Committee, that the company has the capabilities and ability to train more than 4,000 job applicants and employ them to work in different companies in the coming period.

    During the workshop held at the Chamber’s headquarters, Al-Qarni indicated that the company is working to attract the best national competencies with advanced technology, to contribute to the growth of the business, in implementation of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030, and that is its belief (and the initiative owner, the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology) in the importance of national human cadres, It is the source of development and institutional excellence, so it works on qualifying trainees, raising their competencies and motivating enterprises to attract them to work, in coordination with the Human Resources Development Fund (Hadaf).

    Al-Qarni added that the company seeks to maximize the benefit of local content by cooperating with local companies (approved by the Communications and Information Technology Commission) in activating some technical and technical services to manage solutions to their implementation and support, as local telecommunications companies provide high-quality service and support such as Internet security services, unified number, cloud services, and application programming.

    For his part, a member of the Board of Directors of the Asharqia Chamber and Chairman of the Communications and Technology Committee Nasser bin Rashid Al Bajash praised what the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology is doing in serving the option of Emiratisation in the sector and its affiliated activities. He stressed that this falls within the framework of the general objectives stipulated in the Kingdom's Vision 2030, which emphasized the localization of professions and support for local content.

    Al-Bagash explained that the technology and communications sector is one of the important, and even very vital sectors, not only in the level of great influence on public life, as we see, but in the field of employment and opening job prospects, due to the diversity and multiplicity of fields of work that the sector brings, as well as the great demand for its bids. And its outputs, which are investment opportunities for entrepreneurs, and job opportunities for ambitious Saudi youth of both sexes.

    Al-Bagash stated that what distinguishes jobs in these areas is that they have a rewarding return, in conjunction with the high demand for them, especially at present in light of the growth and expansion of electronic commerce, in addition to the fact that the field of growth and development in the jobs of this sector is almost open and favorable for all who wish, It is consistent with all levels of ambition, and whoever works in this sector finds the path to self-development, work, and the material and social situation, and the most important thing in this regard is that the job opportunities in it stem from the core of the private sector, and it embodies the most prominent role of this sector, which has received great attention in the Kingdom’s vision 2030. Al Bajash believes that the sector meets the aspirations of the vision in various fields, including privatization and localization in everything, in addition to all that, the technology and communications sectors are among the most prominent areas of technology transfer from the developed world that preceded us in these areas, and they are the first way to transfer technology, interact with and develop it in near future.​

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