• Women economic forum discusses the future of Saudi women in light of the Kingdom Vision 2030


                The head of the Council of  
    Asharqia Chamber  of Commerce, Abdul Rahman bin Saleh Al Ataishan, stressed that this year forum other than the four previous forums, made by Asharqia Chamber,in light of the Kingdom Vision 2030, which stresses that Saudi woman is an important element of strength to move ahead to the future.
    Al Ataishan said that the Saudi woman account for over 50% of the total number of university graduates, which qualifies her to occupy a prominent place in the local labor market, pointing that their participation currently in the labor market does not exceed 22%, but there are ambitious perceptions that this percentage is growing in the next few years.
    Al Ataishan pointed that theforum, under the patronage of the wife of the Prince of the Eastern Province, Her Highness Princess Abeer bint Faisal bin Turki, in 23 to 24 of the next November, in the Sheraton Hotel in Dammam, will witness the participation of a big variety of specialists and interested women in economy in general, and women business sector in particular, from various Arab countries, UAE, Kuwait, Jordan etc.
    Al Ataishan said that the Chamber has efforts in supporting and improving the business community and women role progress in it, and out of its keenness to business women sector not only in the region but throughout the Kingdom, as an essential resource in making the desired development and the economic growth.
    For her part, the head of the Executive Council for businesswomen and member of
    Asharqia Chamber administration, Manahel Al Hamdan, said that this year forum carrying a logo of Saudi women (the power of effect to lead the change) is trying to shed light on three major topics: first, to discuss the regional initiatives that aim to increase the social, economic and political women opportunities, as strengthening the role of women is one of the most basic strategies in countries wishing to grow, while the second topic focuses on the most important basics and strategies through improving the personal and professional competency of women, the last according Al Hamdan, reviews the challenges of women participation in the suggested programs of the labor market to increase it to reach the kingdom vision 2030, stressing the efforts in the Kingdom for empowering women in all fields, which has the greatest effect in increasing the rate of its economic participation, urging Saudi women to cooperate and participate actively in the kingdom vision towards the future.
        Under the title "the slow growth delays the real estate recovery," "economy " says that the investment in the real estate sector represents a fundamental pillar of the Saudi economy after the petrochemical sector, but most economists believe that the slowing in growth in the performance of the sector since the beginning of the year and was clearly reflected in the results including in the Capital Market Authority companies, during the first and second quarter of the year, pushing much of investors concern about the future of their investments. Experts refer the case of the slowdown to a number of reasons, most prominently the drop in oil prices, the higher US dollar exchange rate, while some economic experts and officials believe that the move by the Saudi Arabian Monetary of adjusting the loan to a mortgaged property value, you can help to activate the market, especially for Anyone who is looking for funding, and those expect that the recovery is not far.

       "the economy" discussed the renewable energy topic Under the title "Renewable energy is flourishes in the Kingdom " the economy " said: The Government of the Kingdom seeks to use renewable technology to generate 9.5 giga watts of total electricity capacity in the country by 2022, and 54 giga watts by 2040, by 25 giga watts of concentrating plants solar thermal, and 16 giga watts of solar system, also 13 giga watts of geothermal energy, waste, wind power, combined.
        "the economy" pointedd to a recent report issued by the Diplomatic Center for Strategic Studies, pointing that the Kingdom and the Gulf countries can achieve returns of up to $ 200 billion a year, from the integration of plans and projects for renewable energy by 2030, and that these projects could provide about 116 thousand jobs annually in the region, in addition to reducing carbon dioxide emissions up to 2.1 giga tonnes, and saving about 3.9 billion barrels of oil worth about $ 300 billion annually.
        In the section ,A man in time "the economy" spotted the journey of life of the late businessman Abdullah bin Ahmed Al Sharia, saying he started from zero, made his way with patience, modesty and honesty the two prominent features in his dealings with people. In the world of business and finance he struggled in the desire to succeed, did not care of the start,if were weak., and with patience and work together, he expanded his work more and more economically, until he possessed agiant company in the field of transportation, and has become one of the biggest trucking companies in the Kingdom, and extended its business to include many business activities, such as roads contracting Oil Services and real estate investments and others, while the transportation company remained the main activity.

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