• Women Economic Forum 2016 reviews the strategies that support her economic activities


    Launched onWednesday titled (Saudi women .. the power of effect to lead the change )
    4 sessions discussing the reality and future of women in the Saudi economy
               The women Economic Forum 2016, organized by
    Asharqia Chamber sponsored by the Wife of the Prince of eastern region, Princess, Abeer  bint Faisal bin Turki, on Wednesday and Thursday 23 and November 24, 2016 in Sheraton Hotel Dammam, through four sessions over two days, the reality and future of Saudi women in the economic sector, with the aim of highlighting their opportunities and their ability to achieve a balanced participation in the progress in the economic improvement process in the Kingdom.
      The forum held titled «
    Saudi women .. the power of effect to lead the change »,presents over two consecutive days a multiple images of the experiences of women in the Gulf and the Arab world, and their contribution to raise the level of economic participation, in addition to reviewing basis and strategies that support women economic activities and how to take advantage of them, offering a number of academics and experts specialists in economic affairs and the labor market to offer a range of issues and challenges facing women also spotting the future plans of women investments in light of the launch of the Kingdom vision 2030.
    A fair treatment and full support from the country to her 
    For its part, said a member of the Board of the
    Asharqia Chamber adminstration, Samira Al Swaig, said that the launch of the fifth edition of the women economic forum, comes as a completion of the efforts of Asharqia Chamber in the support and improvement of the business community and the progress of women role in it, so stressing the importance of women message in the development of her country and of keenness in businesswomen sector as an essential resource of progress in the desired economic growth, pointing that women participation in the improvement became a sign of the progress of nations and its development, and the evidence of the most important of development reports in the world.
    Al Swaig considered that the opportunity is now in hands of theSaudi women, under a fair treatment and a full support by the country to her, the vision 2030 items have confirmed saying that women now are present in various sectors and have equal opportunities with men to compete, stressing the need of persistence in every one of the businesswomen to achieve her goals, the work related to trade and industry needs effort and determination and persistence, this year forum carries the solutions to what challenges businesswomen may face in development and economic roles, considering that this year forum isan opportunity to form a total view of the performance of women economic and to provide a new formulation of  her role in economic life.
    Al Swaig concluded by saying that Saudi women make if not more- than half of the society, and therefor they are human cluster that can play an active role in the improvement process, pointing that the forum starts from the ideal exploitation of women issue in the economic field, and by reviewing the opportunities for empowerment in the Saudi economy and her ability to influence and make change in the local economic environment, including what this environment is witnessing now of major changes with the launch of vision 2030.

    The reality of women in the economic sector and future results
    And the forum presents according to Chairman of the Executive Board of businesswomen and board member of
    Asharqia Chamber administration, Manahel Al Hamdan, several working papers discussing the developed countries, strategies to the challenges that stops women economic role, in addition to discussing efforts to empower women in all levels as an important factor in increasing the rate of economic participation, pointing to the need for institutions to intensify policies and strategies that directly affect women economic role.
    Hamdan explained that the forum sheds light on the reality of women in the economic sector and the future results, in light of fast moving environment where should be a redefine of the role of women in country progress process to ensure their participation in a bigger way and providing them with a solid basis, to improve her personal and professional competencies, referring to what the country has announced of a plan for economic and development reform in 2030 vision,
    which paid a great attention to increasing the participation of women in the labor market from 22% to 30%, considering it as a quantum leap and a  big transformation that needs a package of a variety of initiatives and supporting programs.
    Al Hamdan pointed that the Forum is also issuing opportunities and potentials for contributions of businesswomen in the Kingdom to discuss the investment environment have and the big modernization lately, the economic and the expected role of women, to support the overall improvement process and achieving the active participation of women in economic life to achieve a more effective performance.

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