• Two specialists: The feasibility study is an important step to spare projects the risk of falling


    In a meeting organized by the Asharqia Chamber​

    Two specialists: The feasibility study is an important step to spare projects the risk of falling​

    A certified consultant and trainer for entrepreneurship, a member of the American Association of Certified Consultants (AASBC), Bandar Al-Junaidi, and a trainer in the field of projects, Manal Al-Shammari, stressed the importance of studying the economic feasibility of projects, in order to spare business owners many of the obstacles and problems facing them, and lead to the risk of falling.​

    ​This came during a training program held on Sunday (23 / August / 2020), as part of the entrepreneurship series organized by the Asharqia Chamber entitled (Converting a business model into a business plan). Or abstaining from it, and both decisions can only be resorted to according to practical scientific foundations, to be achieved by the feasibility study, according to which the project's obstacles are determined and how they are avoided or resolved.​

    ​​​The two speakers pointed out that the feasibility study represents a business plan (or road map) that clarifies all concepts related to the project and summarizes all its details and objectives, and this makes the feasibility study a way to convert theories into actionable action plans.

    During the meeting, the sources of the resources needed by the project owner (financial resources - human - devices - technical - and others) were identified, and the elements of the work plan were also discussed, including (executive summary of the project, products and services, market analysis, strategy and implementation summary, and the administrative team) The financial plan), as the two experts emphasized the importance of each component and its overlap with the other, and its contribution to the success of the feasibility study, and hence the success of the implementation plan​.

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