• Tuesday meeting: more than 20 tourism projects under study in the eastern region


    ​It was organized by the Asharqia Chamber represented by the Women Empowerment Center​​

    Tuesday meeting: more than 20 tourism projects understudy in the eastern region

    Destination Relations Adviser at the Ministry of Tourism, Nada bint Saad Al-Tamimi, called on the women's business sector in the Eastern Region to enter the world of investment in the tourism sector, noting that it is a promising sector, especially the prosperity the Kingdom is witnessing in this sector in the implementation of the goals of the Kingdom's Vision 2030.
    Al-Tamimi said during the "monthly Tuesday meeting" for businesswomen organized by the Asharqia Chamber represented by the Women's Empowerment Center on the evening of Tuesday, January 5, 2020, that the tourism system worked to activate the relationship and achieve harmonization with the eastern region as it is one of the priority tourist destinations for the year 2022, pointing out that the number of sites Tourism in the region has reached 18 sites, and the number of tourism projects has reached 24, confirming that more than 20 tourism projects in the region are currently being studied by the Tourism Development Fund.
    During the meeting, which reviewed the role of the Ministry of Tourism in promoting domestic tourism and investment opportunities, Al-Tamimi explained that several means have been taken to support investment in this vital sector, as it was signed with several commercial banks to facilitate financial solutions for investors in the tourism sector and provide easy financing programs.
    Al-Tamimi indicated that the 2030 road map for tourism is based on two main phases, the first continues until 2022 before the launch of the mega projects and comes under the title of Discover Saudi Arabia, and the second phase starts from 2022 AD to 2030 AD and bears the title Live of the Saudi Experience, noting that the tourist sites are divided into 24 sites Prominent, 38 sites with great potential and 500 complementary sites, these are additional sites of tourist interest and complete the tourism experience after visiting the prominent sites and sites of great potential.
    Al-Tamimi said that by 2030, the ministry aims to contribute 10% to the GDP, reaching about 100 million visitors, provide about 1.6 million job opportunities, support the local private sector, and attract foreign direct investment, noting that the national tourism strategy will Promote the tourism industry in its various vocabulary and develop it as a basic tributary of the national economy and a future source that enhances revenues.​​

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