• The women's workshops and centers' committees in the "Asharqia and Hail" Chamber are discussing strengthening cooperation


    ​The women's workshops and centers' committees in the "Asharqia and Hail" Chamber are discussing strengthening cooperation

    The Women’s Workshops and Centers Committees in the Asharqia and Hail Chambers affirmed the importance of cooperation and exchange of experiences to face the current challenges and raise the sector’s added value in the national economy, in light of the current developments that provide more promising opportunities for women.​

    This came during their meeting on Tuesday (15 / December / 2020), which took place in light of the visit of the Occupations Committee in the Hail Chamber headed by a member of the Board of Directors and Chairman of the Committee Salma Al-Nuhair, the headquarters of the Asharqia Chamber.

    The meeting witnessed an open dialogue on many issues of common interest, the two sides touched on the difficulties faced by the workshops and centers, the sources of which vary, especially from the bag dealers, who have distorted the image of the sector, gave a negative impression of the centers and workshops and created unfair competition with distinguished official centers and workshops The members of the two committees made a field visit to ​several salons and training centers in the area concerned with the beauty sector in the eastern region, and they were briefed on the reality of resettlement and investment in this promising sector.

    The two parties expressed their hope to create greater and broader partnerships between female investors in women's workshops in the two regions, especially in light of these conditions that are conducive to empowering women in all fields, making the horizon unlimited for cooperation and partnerships.​
    The head of the committee in the Asharqia Chamber, Shuaa Al-Duhailan, said: Hopes are pinned for more of these meetings to exchange ideas and open channels for exchanging experiences and experiences, which support our national options towards a greater role for Saudi women in the national economy ... stressing that the current period requires more knowledge and cooperation. They are the main supporter of aspirations and desired goals, and that enriching the business environment in the national economy begins when the channels of communication, communication, and exchange of experiences increase between the various responsible institutions.​

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