• The specialized committees of Asharqia Chamber approve the support of the national component to the contribution to the economic life



    In the consultative meeting with the head of the  council

            Chairmen and vicars of the committees and business councils  in Asharqia chamber stressed the "positive" role played by Asharqia chamber in the private sector service, and  enhancing its position in the development map.
    The participants approved in the meeting, which was held on Tuesday with the Chairman Abdulrahman bin Saleh Al Ataishan and council members, the need to cooperate with Asharqia chamber in the face of obstacles and challenges facing the private sector at the present time, hoping that the chamber would achieve more successes in the performance of its role as a mediator between the private sector and the official government authorities.
    They stressed the need for the chamber and the sectoral committees working under its umbrella more extra effort to support the local component in both resettlement in general, or in the procurement,
    Ataishan said that: "The room earnest endeavor to do its part in the private sector and achieve service requirements and adopt initiatives and the promotion of his contributions to the national economy to suit the new economic trends ..
    The Ataishan touch the room with all government and semi-government bodies in order to solve all the obstacles facing investors in various locations, pointing that many government agencies require visuals on a number of decisions relating to the private sector, and we respond with any proposal like this, many of the themes and slender to specialized sectoral committees
    The Secretary General of Asharqia chamber Abdulrahman bin Abdullah Al Wabel said that the chamber is always working to highlight business initiatives through the presentation of their experiences and views and their role in social responsibility, as the chamber is a local component that supports various forms, and have meetings to support these plans.
    It is worth mentioning that the attendance included the heads of the specialized committees and their deputies, as well as the heads and deputies of the chamber business council in both Jubail, Khafji and Qatif and businesswomen, and the heads of the young business men and women.

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