• The launch of a national strategy to regulate the performance of the 140,000 construction companies in the Kingdom


    At the induction meeting, the of the Saudi Contracting  Committee yesterday

            Saudi Contracting Committee approved on Tuesday, February 28 as the date for holding this first general assembly meeting of the Committee and the Council of Saudi Chambers in Riyadh, while ending registration in the Committee next Monday, February 20, 2017 this month.
    Stated Chairman of the Board of Directors of Osama Al Afaleq  in the meeting the strategic plans hosted by Asharqia Chamber on  Tuesday, February 14, 2017 where he said that the number of companies registered in the Committee has not yet exceed 300 companies while the total number of companies that have completed the registration requirements 160 companies estimated conservatively sector size approximately 140 thousand Foundation .. pointing that the Committee approves at present 34 initiatives aiming to reach an ideal  improved Contracting environment.
    Afaleq added that the Committee was a dream came true, the basic task is to raise the sector and organization level, we have found great cooperation from all concerned government agencies, as well as a number of private sector organizations, making it easier with our tasks in the future.
    He said that the Committee in its activities for the development of the construction sector is not a substitute for the National Committee for Construction and other committees of the chambers in Saudi Arabia but is complementary to the best, they are the voice of the contractor to have, an observer on our performance .. destined for Saudi chambers including Asharqia Chamber a great support for the  committee to organize and develop the sector.
    He stressed that the Committee approves the classification of contractors issued by the Ministry of Trade and Investment, a (general contracting, specialized contracting, operating and maintenance contracting, construction contracting) .. He explained that the Committee  approves a contracting all of its system, including the contractor and the beneficiary sector.
    He expressed the hope in a unified contract for all construction works realized from which all rights of all parties issuance, and strive to achieve transparency in everything, noting the importance of registration in the Committee and attend the General Assembly, it is the source of all financial decisions and the executive  committee.
    For his part, said the member of the Council of Asharqia Chamber of Commerce and chairman of the Contracting in Asharqia Chamber Hakim Amar that the Saudi Organization for contractors launched in order to  set the foundations, standards and regulations related to the industry and development, adding that the  committee is a product of the initiatives put forward by the contracting committee in Asharqia Chamber over the past years and have been adopted in every forum, not strange, that the state of their interest in moving towards the reorganization of economic entities to the regulatory process of the economic and social impact is reflected positively on the national economy, they represent a basic unit in the building is characterized by an economic growth and sustainability.
    He added that the achievement of our aspirations in the construction sector, still needs more efforts and increased access to successful experiences around us at home and abroad efforts of the Saudi  committee for contractors on its keenness to communicate with contractors across the Kingdom, with wishes for  its leading role in enhancing Saudi contractors.
    The Secretary General of the Saudi  Committee for contractors Eng. Thabit Mubarak Al Swaid, through a detailed working paper in which he reviewed many of the points for the Authority as it said that the construction sector is facing a number of challenges, the most important terms and conditions of contracts both with government agencies or non governmental that face problems due to poor organization of the sector, in many  contracts lacking transparency.
    He pointed to the challenges faced by contractors in their activity, which is an accurate reflection of the culture of the community that the project budgets are constantly changing during the implementation period, due to poor planning from the start.
    He noted that the contracting system include government agencies or government owned, and consulting offices for project management, engineering offices and consulting, banking, and the judicial system, and the contractors and sub contractors, municipalities, utilities and material suppliers, and facing the system are many challenges with these parties, with government agencies, we find that acquisitions lacks quality, and contracts lacks neutrality and justice, as well as the workers in this sector lack sufficient experience, and the results subcontractors dues disbursement delays.
    Turning to the expected impact of Vision 2030 on the construction market, it said that it will be positive based on several data, enhancing the role of contractors in the national economy, including increasing the capacity to attract pilgrims from 8 million to 30 million pilgrims, and to increase the percentage of ownership of citizens for housing from 47% to 52% by 2020 by funding mortgages and allow reconstruction of the private sector, and the restructuring of health and education sectors to provide better services.
    He said: "Based on the Vision 2030 and the challenges of contracting system and the best standards of practice the Saudi Committee identified for contractors tasks as a point of non profit by the private sector and making recommendations for system construction, the task of putting the principles and standards related to the industry, consists regulatory framework of contractors and subcontractors, and clients sector, and workers in the operation and maintenance, and project management consultant.
    He explained that the vision of the Committee is ( establishing the future with confidence), and its mission is(to organize the construction sector through the development and implementation of high quality regulatory standards, encouraging innovation and skills development, improving communication in the sector, and to achieve economic sustainability), containing the values of ​​(partnership, excellence, transparency, efficiency and effectiveness, human development, and innovation).

    He mentioned that the most important concerns and goals of the committee is to, improve contractors skills and help local companies in the sector to expand its business outside the Kingdom, and the human capital, the development of technical capabilities, and to encourage a culture of accountability and the enhancement of the Committee all over the Kingdom.
    And the activities by the Committee in the range (Contractors licenses), to ensure that contractors with minimal qualifications and capabilities through contractors license in accordance with the previously defined standards, as well as (classification of contractors) based on their ability to implement and put (standards and regulations contracting) to improve Contracting system through research on the best standards and regulations, formulation and recommendation in cooperation with the relevant authorities, and finally attracting the latest innovations of the construction sector of the kingdom to make it on top of innovative sectors in the Kingdom,
    He pointed that the Committee plan map includes 34 Initiative that have been prepared to enable the Committee to achieve the goals, pointing that there are advantages obtained by the contractor by the registration mainly is the work of the an organized contracting environment, access to contracts forms for private sector contracting projects, also training, studies and reports and participation in conferences, exhibitions and other services.

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