• The Saudi Water Partnerships Company offers investment opportunities within the "Facilitation" program in the Asharqia Chamber


    ​The Saudi Water Partnerships Company offers investment opportunities within the "Facilitation" program in the Asharqia Chamber

    Within the activities of the "Facilitation" program implemented by the Asharqia Chamber, the Saudi Water Partnerships Company is presenting, on Tuesday morning (December 22, 2020) to the business sector (especially owners of small and medium enterprises) several investment opportunities available to it.

    It includes the meeting program - which is transmitted remotely at twelve o'clock in the afternoon. Until 2 p.m., a presentation on the company's efforts in localizing industry and services and attracting local investors, including a list of investment opportunities available to the business sector, and the company is looking forward to activating them, in addition to providing a detailed explanation of the mechanisms and procedures for registration and qualification with the company and taking advantage of the available opportunities, as the meeting provides an opportunity Direct meeting with the concerned officials in the company to know the contracting procedures after reviewing the opportunities.

    It is noteworthy that the “Facilitation” program is one of the initiatives of the Asharqia Chamber to support the business sector in the Eastern Province, through which direct communication is achieved between the major strategic sectors in the Kingdom with the private sector institutions, especially the small and medium ones, which comes in line with the Kingdom’s 2030 vision and what it aims to achieve. Support the local component, localize support industries, and achieve balanced development.

    This initiative comes within the framework of the Chamber's constant keenness to achieve communication between the strategic sectors and the business sector, and for this communication to take on a practical character, and it hopes from behind that to achieve achievements that will be an added value for the private sector and the national economy in general, so that it will be reflected in the economic movement in the Kingdom, to convince i​t is confirmed by the Chamber that private sector institutions possess a lot of potentials, which makes them qualified to implement the requirements of supply, implementation, transportation and the like by strategic sectors such as oil, gas, energy, large basic industries, water desalination, and so on.​

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