• The Prince of Eastern Province sponsors the Endowments Forum 2020 at the end of next November


    ​​Organized by Asharqia Chamber with the aim of correcting the investment path of endowments

    The Prince of Eastern Province sponsors the Endowments Forum 2020 at the end of next November​

    The Prince of the Eastern Province, His Royal Highness Prince “Saud bin Nayef bin Abdulaziz Al Saud”, sponsors the Endowments Forum 2020, which is organized by the Asharqia Chamber, via visual communication technology, represented by the Endowments Committee, under the slogan (Return from investment on endowments), on Monday corresponding to November 30, 2020, with the participation of an elite of businessmen, academics, and experienced professionals and those interested in the field of endowments.​

    The forum aims to present best practices on relevant topics to improve the endowment sector, such as contributing to correcting the investment path of endowments, innovating modern methods to increase the return on investment in them, enhancing rent for the endowment sector, and raising the efficiency of the endowment effect, as well as how to achieve the quality of services required for beneficiaries and stakeholders, and increase opportunities for self-sufficiency of those arrested and reducing the burden on the state.

    Al-Khalidi said that the Kingdom is transforming into a new era of the prosperous and diversified economy through Vision 2030, which emphasized the role of the private sector in participating in building the social investment market through endowments, indicating that the forum comes at the right time, where construction shovels work in all sectors, By presenting and presenting best practices in establishing, managing, investing and sustaining endowments, to businessmen and women in the Eastern Province and the Kingdom as a whole.​

    Al-Khalidi stressed that the endowment is one of the most important fields of righteousness and the most prolific tributary of goodness, and made it clearer and the greatest and kept it a reward and the most influential within society, which prompted the Asharqia Chamber to pay early attention to this vital sector, and he urged businessmen and women to establish it, and work according to many actors to highlight the Economic to stop in the economic development taking place.

    Al-Khalidi explained that, in addition to reviewing successful regional and global practices and experiences, the public forum adopts directing ideas towards the developmental roles of endowments and draws the attention of practitioners to that, and supports this trend with contemporary models and distinct experiences in the endowment’s contribution to the development process. It will also discuss the most important challenges and best practices in The endowment sector through the specialists monitoring the reality of endowments and their practices with the investment return and the mechanism of activating it as a measurement tool for the effectiveness of the endowment, and the exchange of experiences and similar experiences worldwide, stressing the importance of the topic of the forum where the concept of return on investment on endowments is a concept that is rarely used as an objective measure of endowment investments, despite The presence of distinguished national competencies that could contribute to strengthening and supporting the concept of return on investment internationally and internally for the endowment.​

    ​For his part, the head of the Endowments Committee, Ayed Al-Qahtani, said that the forum is an extension and complement to the 2018 Endowment Forum, which left a positive impact on endowment activity in the Eastern Region, increasing its growth, expansion, and reformulating it according to the latest administrative frameworks, indicating that the 2020 forum is important in As it seeks to shed light on many aspects of upgrading the endowment sector in the Kingdom, especially the investment aspects and exploring its roles and future in accordance with the best endowment practices in light of the requirements of the Kingdom's 2030 vision.

    Al-Qahtani stressed that the future of the endowment sector in the Kingdom is promising and promising, as there is a great potential for goodness in the Saudi society, as well as a political, will be aimed at upgrading the endowment sector to reach a diversified endowment sector that is capable of having the desired impact on the national economy.​​

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