• The Patients of Friends Committee in Asharqia Chamber provides 7 charitable organizations in the region with preventive medical supplies


    ​The Patients' of Friends Committee​ in Asharqia Chamber has provided 7 charities in the Eastern Province with their requirements for sterilization and protection materials to face the new Corona epidemic.

    The Director-General of Health Affairs in the Eastern Region and Chairman of the Patient Friends Committee in the Chamber, Dr. Ibrahim bin Abdul Karim Al-Arifi, valued the initiatives of the business sector in the region in supporting the efforts of the Ministry of Health and charitable societies by providing beneficiary families with their needs for sterilization and prevention materials, including masks, sterilization fluids and medical gloves to keep pace with the precautionary measures and proactive steps of the Kingdom to face the Corona epidemic.

    Al-Arifi confirmed the support the committee finds from the support of His Royal Highness Prince Saud bin Nayef bin Abdulaziz, Governor of the Eastern Region, Honorary President of the Patient Friends Association and His Royal Highness Prince Ahmed bin Fahd bin Salman, Honorary Vice President of the Association, which was reflected in the development of the activities and programs of the Committee within the efforts and endeavors social responsibility, and the evolution of the performance of the committee in providing services to the community.
    For this part, The Chairman of the Board of Directors of Asharqia Chamber and Deputy Chairman of the Patient Friends Committee in the Chamber, Abdul Hakim bin Hamad Al-Ammar Al-Khaldi, indicated the keenness of His Highness the Prince of the Eastern Region and his deputy to continue the progress of the committee to its activities towards society at the highest standards, and His Highness’s follow-up to the details of the committee’s work and provide development visions for all work to ensure the achievement of Its goals are in accordance with the high standards monitored.
    Asharqia Chamber represented by the Friends of the Patients Committee will continue its efforts to provide support and provide the necessary needs, out of belief in its societal role which necessitates it, to identify the needs of associations and charitable bodies to achieve its social mission.

    Al-Khaldi pointed out that the business sector in the region is keen on community participation and providing all kinds of support to the work of the committee in all situations as it is known about him, stressing his continued follow-up to each initiative presented and also continuously providing the social sector with new initiatives serving the community in the eastern region​.

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