• The Human Resources Development Fund "Hadaf" reviews its programs for career preparation


    During a remote lecture in the Asharqia Chamber​

    The Human Resources Development Fund "Hadaf" reviews its programs for career preparation​

    The Human Resources Development Fund "Hadaf", during the introductory lecture organized by the Asharqia Chamber, through visual communication technology, reviewed yesterday, Thursday, July 2, 2020, and presented it from the Human Resources Fund "Hadaf", Professor Youssef Al-Fulaij, his programs for career preparation, such as the path and vocational program and professional certificates. , Leading to productive and initiative national human resources.

    Al-Fulaij said, that the Droub platform is a national platform for e-training and one of the "goal" initiatives, and seeks to qualify and train job seekers and those on the job, and to develop electronic training programs that meet the needs of the labor market, in addition to enriching the e-training content in partnership with the authorities.

    Al-Fulaij explained that registration in the paths is available free of charge to all groups, as well as in any training program and at any time, pointing to the multiple areas of the platform for electronic training and that the certificate of passing the training program is granted after completing 70% of the requirements, and it also provides programs for some beneficiaries of support programs​.
    With regard to the “on-the-job” training program “Tamheer”, he said that it is an on-the-job training program directed at Saudi male and female graduates from local and foreign universities, and it works to provide its people with different skills and experiences to participate effectively in the labor market and increase employment opportunities, indicating its multiple advantages; The program offers a financial reward of 3000 riyals for the trainee, risk insurance coverage and an experience certificate presented by the fund after completing the training program​.
    Al- Fulaij said that there are several criteria for admission to "Tamher" which is linked to the trainees and other facilities, and in respect of trainees are required to have the trainee Saudi nationality, and holds a bachelor's degree or higher, and should not be on top of work, whether in the public or private sector, and indicate social and civil Service Insurance no advanced registration records on any job during the previous six months, and should not be developed as well as benefited from "Tamheer" program in the past.​
    Al-Fulaij explained, through an explanation and clarification to the professional certification program, saying: It is a program that aims to encourage and motivate the national workforce in the governmental and private sectors in addition to job seekers to obtain certified professional certificates in the fields required in the labor market by compensating materially for the costs of obtaining the certificate The professional after verifying the validity of the certificate, indicating that to obtain compensation the specific conditions such as the beneficiary must be a citizen or a citizen and that the certificates are among the certificates approved by a goal and that the date of obtaining the certificate be after a date of approval in a goal, in addition to the applicant’s acknowledgment that the authority has not The work related to it by paying the costs of the certificate and the cost compensation request not exceeding more than two certificates only per person and finally that the professional certificate is valid and not expired so that the date of the certification approval does not exceed six months.​
    Al-Fulaij explained that the compensation mechanism is first to file the claim through the electronic portal with copies of the certificate and the invoice of the costs obtained by the beneficiary, as well as attach the declaration of approval to verify the authenticity of the certificate through the fund and whoever he delegates, and after completing the approval procedures the compensation will be transferred directly to an account beneficiary.

    This introductory lecture comes as part of a series of lectures offered by the Asharqia Chamber Employment Center to the business community to educate about initiatives that serve the sector and to discuss officials directly about any questions or concerns they have.​

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