• The Council of Health Insurance announces initiatives to support the quality of the insurance service


    ​Dr. Shabab Al-Ghamdi: We seek to upgrade the sector according to high indicators and standards​ 

    The Council of Health Insurance announces initiatives to support the quality of the insurance service​

    The Secretary-General of the Health Insurance Council, Dr. Shabab Al-Ghamdi, explained that the Council seeks to enable the health insurance sector to provide the best quality, efficient, and high-quality services and for the beneficiaries to obtain their full rights of protection and care, in his speech during a meeting organized by the Asharqia Chamber represented by the Health Committee and moderated by Vice-Chairman Firas Al-Yahya Sunday, November 14, 2021.

    In the meeting, during which the strategy and initiatives of the Council of Health Insurance were reviewed, Al-Ghamdi indicated that the health insurance market needs some time to make fundamental changes. Pointing out that the issue of preventive care and primary care will be given intensive care in the next stage.

    The Secretary-General of the Health Insurance Council stated that the Council is interested in taking the views of insurance companies and service providers to improve performance and raise the level of service, stressing that the Council has new standards to modernize insurance companies and increase their ability to deal with service providers, in addition to the existence of new standards for service providers to provide services to beneficiaries in a manner Best, and revealed that the council intends to launch an award to honor distinguished entities next year, expecting that this award will contribute to pushing the sector to continue moving in the right direction while seeking to reach 30 million beneficiaries of health insurance by 2030.

    Al-Ghamdi added that the Health Insurance Council recently launched the unified coding system, which helps improve the contractual relationship between service providers and insurance companies, in addition to launching the unified contract, stressing that many projects contribute to improving the work environment and reducing risks among stakeholders.​

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