• The Business Women Center reviews the Chamber's e-services


    ​During a remote introduction meeting in the Asharqia Chamber

    The Business Women Center reviews the Chamber's e-services​

    On Monday, June 29, 2020, the Business Women Center of the Asharqia Chamber of Commerce reviewed, through a remote introduction, the electronic services provided by the Chamber, which aims to facilitate the service of Chamber subscribers from anywhere without the need to visit the branches or centers, as well as familiarize the participants with the organizational structure of the Business Women Center and the subscriber's section.​

    The meeting discussed and clarified the registration steps, activating the service, lists of basic services and membership services, such as certification and commercial services, adding delegates and other services, in addition to highlighting the way of payment, charging the balance, and printing documents such as authentication documents and membership certificates.

    The first step before registering according to the meeting requires that the participant has a valid commercial register and membership in the Asharqia Chambers, complete registration through one of the branches, after filling out a subscription form through the site and attaching it with a copy of the commercial registry and identity and the approval of the signature and stamp, and that after completing this first step Essential, the subscriber can register for electronic services by entering the website of Asharqia Chamber​​, and then choosing the existing electronic services.

    And after entering the Chamber's website, a new registration is chosen, and after moving to the registration page, the option to search for membership is through the membership or subscription number or the commercial registry number, after which the transition to the subscriber's data registration page is completed, where the required data are already registered with the branch, and in If the subscriber is registered in the "Absher" system, an activation code is received on the registered mobile number, and the activation code is entered to complete the registration process, and then the subscriber request is activated by one of the Asharqia Chamber employees and enables them to enter directly and start using electronic services.​

    The meeting touched on the most frequently used services, such as printing the subscription certificate and adding the authorized signatory or its origin, and it is for those who have more than one commercial register, as well as requests for authentication with ready-made templates and requests for authentication of open letters and activation of requests of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.​

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