• The Arab Republic of Egypt is an honored guest at the "RAD 2023M" forum


    The Arab Republic of Egypt is an honored guest at the "RAD 2023M" forum

    The Arab Republic of Egypt is participating as an honored guest in the events of the "RAD 2023M" forum and exhibition organized by the Asharqia Chamber under the patronage of His Royal Highness, Prince Saud bin Nayef bin Abdulaziz, the Prince of the Eastern Province. The event takes place from Monday and continues until Wednesday, November 15th. It involves the participation of more than 300 establishments and companies led by young entrepreneurs in various fields.

    The exhibition, organized by Asharqia Chamber for the seventh time, is one of the largest platforms that focuses on entrepreneurs, promoting their products and services to consumers and investors. Its goal is to support the state's efforts in enhancing entrepreneurship by highlighting successful experiences and providing qualitative formulations for young men and women interested in freelancing, as well as for those with innovative ideas and emerging projects on how to access the local and global markets.
    Saad bin Khalid Al-Mujil, the President of the Youth Business Council of the Eastern Province, expressed his gratitude for the participation of the Arab Republic of Egypt in the exhibition as an honored guest with around 40 companies led by Egyptian entrepreneurs. He pointed out that their participation adds value to the exhibition due to the diversity of their establishments in education, culture, technology, and other fields. Al-Mujil noted that Egyptian entrepreneurs have provided many successful experiences in entrepreneurship that have had a regional and global impact and reach.

    Al-Mujil mentioned a significant growth in investment partnerships between Saudi and Egyptian businessmen, anticipating a major investment movement in the coming periods, especially given the conducive conditions supported by the close relations between the two countries. He emphasized that Egypt's participation in the forum represents a new addition to the exchange of experiences and knowledge, supporting the forum's goals by enhancing communication and bridging the distances between Saudi and Egyptian entrepreneurs, creating opportunities for partnerships, growth, and development in the business environment, and opening new horizons that entrepreneurs in both countries can benefit from.

    Referring to the recent visit of the Youth Business Council of the Eastern Province to the Arab Republic of Egypt in the middle of this year, Al-Mujil highlighted the meetings with investors, company representatives, and Egyptian economic entities. During the visit, the delegation learned about services and programs aimed at supporting entrepreneurs from idea conception to project implementation, as well as digital and technological solutions provided to small and medium-sized enterprises.

    Al-Mujil emphasized that "RAD 2023M" confirms the importance of the role of youth in the development of national economies, promoting the culture of entrepreneurship and freelancing among young people. He stated that the exhibition aims to encourage young men and women to present their ideas, learn from the experiences of participating local and international establishments, and motivate them by highlighting successful young experiences for their benefit. Additionally, the exhibition aims to raise awareness about the support provided by funding and supporting entities for youth business projects​.

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