• The "Entrepreneurship Series" demonstrates the skills of presenting an entrepreneurial project to the investor


    The "Entrepreneurship Series" demonstrates the skills of presenting an entrepreneurial project to the investor​

    ​Within the "Entrepreneurial Series" organized by the Asharqia Chamber represented by the Business Women Center, a remote workshop entitled "Project Presentation Skills to the Investor" was held on the evening of Sunday, September 7, 2020, during which Bandar Al-Junaidi, a certified consultant and trainer for entrepreneurship and a member of the American Association of Certified Consultants (AASBC), and Manal Al-Shammari, the Projects Trainer.​

    The workshop dealt with several important topics in this regard, including presentation skills, communication skills, negotiation and persuasion skills, as well as thinking skills and positive visualization of scenarios for positive motivation, and the issue of good training to master these skills was emphasized.​

    The workshop, which was held remotely, emphasized the issue of knowing the recipient and target audience of the show, and determining whether they were clients waiting for a solution to a specific problem, or learning something new, or they were stakeholders or decision-makers, and the project could be accepted or rejected. The issue is determined by the nature of the presentation, and the method of delivering the presentation.

    In this regard, the issue of "the content of the proposal", which begins with defining the project and its specifications, the problem that the project addresses and the solutions it provides, and the opportunity that these solutions entail, were touched on.
    The workshop referred to some topics related to presentation styles, such as clarity, simplicity, body language, and the confident appearance in front of the listeners.​

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