• Specialists: The electronic application is more like the virtual market, which aims to provide services to project contractors


    ​Specialists: The electronic application is more like the virtual market, which aims to provide services to project contractors

    Officials and specialists in electronic platforms have explained the role of applications and platforms specialized in the construction industry in the development of the industry in line with the technological revolution taking place in the world.
    Suhail Edward Al-Masry, General Manager - Saudi Tendered Company, spoke during a meeting organized by the Asharqia Chamber, represented by the Contracting Committee, on Tuesday, December 15, 2020, about the mechanisms of contractors' use of electronic platforms and applications and their role in supporting the contracting sector, as part of a series of meetings introducing electronic platforms and applications, and he said the applications have saved the business sector effort and time so that the beneficiary can rent his heavy equipment to the customer who plays him, he can benefit from the application and the features in it, the most important of which are the offers related to the prices​.

    ​Al-Masry said during the meeting, moderated by a member of the committee, Engineer Othman bin Ahmed Al-Othman, that the website or application is like a virtual market, as it aims to provide services to project owners, including obtaining the mechanisms that he needs by choosing the equipment and quantity, indicating that through the site he communicates with the registered company and through Understanding the project and its nature. A quotation consistent with the project specifications is sent.
    Al-Masry pointed out that the site provides another feature related to information about the mechanism that the beneficiary wants to rent, such as obtaining information about the equipment, its work history, and its movement so that he is aware of the equipment's condition and how it works.
    On her part, Sheikha Bint Salem bin Mahfouz, Customer Success Manager - Saudi Tendered Company, said that electronic applications include various features that help the business sector to perform their work and fulfill the benefits required of them.
    Bin Mahfouz indicated that the application was built to address many challenges, most notably the inability of small and medium-sized companies to benefit from the services of companies that require payment of large sums in exchange for benefiting from their services.
    Bin Mahfouz explained that the site helps the business sector manage its customers, assets, and payments, and also offers varying prices commensurate with the companies' budgets and the specifications of the required equipment, in addition to a reminder of the date of material entitlements.​​

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