• Specialists: Lack of experience hinders the purchase of the real estate product


    ​​During a meeting organized by the Asharqia Chamber​

    Specialists: Lack of experience hinders the purchase of the real estate product​

    Specialists emphasized the importance of examining real estate products technically, especially residential ones, before the purchase process, noting that this guarantees the rights of the buyer if he wishes to buy the real estate product, as it puts it on the right path when making his decision.

    An Engineer Ali bin Abdullah Al Mohsen, founder, and CEO of the "Ayen" platform for checking and inspecting real estate said during a meeting organized by the Asharqia Chamber represented by the Contracting Committee as part of a series of introducing platforms and applications in supporting the contracting sector on Monday evening August 31, 2020, that we are in the "Ayen" platform that takes into account - according to reports. Ministry of Housing - that nearly 90 percent of real estate products cannot prove their quality, so we on the platform aim to inspect the property and issue technical reports written by examiners of the specialization that are easy to read and the information of the applicant can understand.

    Al Mohsen explained during the meeting in which the member of the Board of Directors of the Asharqia Chamber and Chairman of the Contracting Committee Hamad bin Hammoud Al-Hammad, and the management of a member of the Contracting Committee, Engineer Ali bin Abdullah Al-Mutawa, explained that the Ayen platform mainly targets the buyers of the property and also provides its services to the establishments, pointing out that the platform works on 3 tracks, as it provides the service in its first track through an independent examiner who is a Saudi national, and in the second track it works through entities and companies working within its team of Saudi and non-Saudi examiners, and the last through companies specialized in testing such as dust testing and others.

    Al Mohsen stated that clients face a great challenge, especially in the contracting sector, which is the lack of experience in this sector and its products, and it is necessary for there to be help from experienced specialists who have the tools to provide them with sound and correct information so that they can make the appropriate decision when buying a property or not.

    For this part, Eng. Hamad bin Abdulaziz Al-Husseini, founder of the architect platform, stressed during the meeting that was transmitted through the zoom program that the contracting sector is a huge sector that includes many different companies, and it may be the most prominent sector, and it provides its services to many beneficiaries, whether they are individuals, companies or organizations.​

    Al-Husseini pointed out that this leads us to an important question, which is why we do not have an information base that enables us to reach these companies and link them to potential clients seeking various services in the contracting sector through an electronic platform, especially companies with the high evaluation so that the customer is not confused about it and can deal With those trusted companies.

    We in the architect platform offer this service and connect the customer with companies operating in the sector so that he can deal with them in any service he wants, whether related to construction or maintenance, etc. Appropriately, a matter that goes towards the development of the contracting sector and the sectors involved with it.​​


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