• Specialists: Companies that rely on diversity and empower women, attract investors


    ​During a meeting in conjunction with International Women's Day in the Asharqia Chamber​

    Specialists: Companies that rely on diversity and empower women, ​attract investors​

    Asharqia Chamber, represented by the Women Empowerment Center, organized on Monday evening, March 7, 2022, a panel discussion that coincides with International Women's Day, entitled: Saudi women are pride and honor, hosted by the Chamber's headquarters.

    The meeting, which was held in the presence of a member of the Chamber's board of directors, Agarid bint Ihsan Abdul-Jawad, and the participation of a member of the chamber's board of directors, Nouf bint Abdulaziz Al-Turki, witnessed a remarkable interaction from the audience. Al-Ahsa Development and Charity Girl Latifa bint Abdullah Al-Afaleq, and the workshop was moderated by Maram Al-Jishi, Director of the E-Commerce Department at the Public Authority for Small and Medium Enterprises.
    During the panel discussion, Abdel-Gawad explained that in light of the unlimited support provided by the wise leadership to Saudi women to enable them at all levels, their participation rate in the labor market, according to the statistics of the year 2021, increased to nearly 34%.
    Abdul-Jawad said that the Kingdom, under the leadership of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques and His Highness the Crown Prince - may God preserve them - was launched according to a clear vision that achieved gender equity and provided opportunities to empower women and support their participation in the national development taking place, thus making Saudi women face successive achievements and gains.
    Abdul-Jawad indicated that Saudi women began reaping the fruits and making their mark in building their society, by accessing various sectors and fields that extend from education and sports to the judiciary and military sectors to reach political positions and senior administrative positions.
    She said that these achievements and gains require all of us to reach a high level of quality and effectiveness with our performance so that we can be up to the trust and appreciation that our guardians have given us, and to strive to participate seriously in achieving the goals and aspirations of our ambitious vision, which emphasized that women are one of The most important elements of the Kingdom's launch towards the future.

    For her part, Al-Turki said that Saudi women, whenever they find a fertile environment and appropriate opportunities, help them develop themselves and achieve progress, pointing out that empowering women in boards of directors contributes to the diversity of decision-making and the involvement of the second half of society in all concerns and decisions.
    Al-Turki indicated that companies that rely on diversity, participation, and women's empowerment attract investors more than other companies because they know that companies of the first type are more open and comprehensive at the same time.
    For her part, Al-Ruwaili said during the panel discussion that the female component occupies 33 percent of the trusteeship company and that the women in the company are distinguished by transforming difficulties and challenges into opportunities for success, stressing that women, whenever they find the appropriate opportunity and support in various fields, are creative and satisfied only to be added value to the facility.

    As for Al-Afaleq, she spoke about the keenness of women to provide initiatives, indicating that the association was able to provide services that refine the talents and passion of women and qualify them for the labor market, by providing support in several different tracks, starting with training, education and rehabilitation, and then follow-up, in order to enhance their chances of success.​​​

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