• Specialists discuss investment, financing and financial technology challenges at the "Small and Medium Enterprises Forum"


    ​Organized by the Asharqia Chamber under the auspices of the Prince of Eastern at the end of November​

    Specialists discuss investment, financing, and financial technology challenges at the "Small and Medium Enterprises Forum"​

    His Royal Highness Prince Saud bin Nayef bin Abdulaziz, Governor of the Eastern Province, sponsors the "Small and Medium Enterprises Forum" organized by the Asharqia Chamber on Sunday 27 November 2022 in partnership with the General Authority for Small and Medium Enterprises (Monsha’at) and with the participation of several experts and specialists, and discusses several topics Which support the Kingdom's general orientation in sponsoring small and medium enterprises, and confirms the centrality of its role in comprehensive development plans and support for localization options in goods, services, and human resources.

    This was mentioned by the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Asharqia Chamber, Badr bin Sulaiman Al-Raziza, who added that the forum, which is held at the Chamber’s headquarters in Dammam, seeks to transform issues of investment, financing, and financial technology, to be major tributaries of development and expansion channels for small and medium enterprises, which are the basis for any economy looking for more Growth and development is like the Saudi national economy, so it is not surprising that small and medium enterprises are one of the pivotal goals in the Kingdom’s Vision 2030

    Accordingly, Al-Raziza says that the forum, through this edition, seeks to identify the best economic sectors in which small and medium enterprises can invest and support them, by introducing the concept of partnerships and alliances for small and medium enterprises as a strategic option and developing the skills of owners of small and medium enterprises. And technical .. stressing that the keenness to develop small and medium enterprises is a strategic choice for the Asharqia Chamber, under which several programs and events are held throughout the year, such as seminars, lectures, consulting sessions, and training courses, as well as the forum that is held once every two years.​

    The Chairman of the Business Youth Council at Asharqia Chamber Saad bin Khaled Al-Mojil described the establishment of the "Small and Medium Enterprises Forum" as another step among several steps supporting small and medium enterprises, and young entrepreneurs, in particular, emphasizing their role in the comprehensive development witness by the Kingdom in the era of Vision 2030.

    Al-Mojil added that the option of supporting small and medium enterprises, and providing more opportunities and areas for young entrepreneurs, is a "development necessity" that the country's leadership has adopted for quite some time. Global and regional experiences support such a trend. The role of small and medium enterprises was not marginal in any plan that aspires to success and aspires to further growth and development. In this regard, it is sufficient to say that supporting small and medium enterprises opens broad work horizons for the willing, ambitious, and aspiring Saudi youth who aspire to a better world. And a more beautiful tender, so it is not surprising that small and medium enterprises are one of the explicit goals of Vision 2030.

    He pointed out that the business youth in the Kingdom (and in the eastern region in particular) continue the path of those who preceded them, who have given and achieved great achievements that are referred to as remarkable, including the presence of the Saudi product in various countries of the world, and the presence of the national human element in various work facilities, as well as the The remarkable increase in the contribution of the private sector to development, all these achievements (and many others) were a source of pride and pride, and they are the ones that give us - the business youth - another responsibility, which is to continue those bids, which are national bids and not individual, so we find that the establishment of such events (Such as the Small and Medium Enterprises Forum) is the best supporter of opening new work horizons for the new generation, to allow them to continue the march carried out by government facilities and giant companies, and which parents and grandparents followed.​

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