• Specialist: fraud in the work environment is dangerous and expensive


    ​In a lecture held in the Asharqia Chamber

    Specialist: fraud in the work environment is dangerous and expensive​

    ​The Executive Director of the Saudi Anti-Fraud Association, and the licensed member of the International Fraud Detection Association, Engineer Waheed Bin Hazaa Al-Qahtani, warned of the danger of fraud, especially workplace fraud which may involve counterfeiting or counterfeiting with official papers .. stressing that fraud occurs anywhere and at any time, And in any sector, it is a contemporary crime that takes place without violence or exposes the fraudster to the risks of confrontation.​

    ​Al-Qahtani said in a lecture held in the Asharqia ​​​​​Chamber on Wednesday 12 / February / 2020 under the title (Fraud Harming and Preventing it) Fraud is "using lying to bring benefit or pay spoiler", which is an intentional act by one or more of some administrators, or with certain powers or employees Those with authority, or third parties, involves deception to obtain an unfair or unlawful benefit, for example by tampering with company data which leads to fallacies in the financial statements to raise profits or reduce debts, as it includes any illegal or unlawful acts or behaviors characterized by fraud, deception, concealment or breach of trust. Such actions or actions do not depend on the use of the threat of violence or material force.​

    ​He pointed out that the average person receives between 22 and 26 lies a day, or information that is not true, and the problem is that some people have considered lying a necessity and a means of success.

    He added that fraud comes in many forms such as contract manipulation and procurement, forgery and counterfeiting, monopoly and market manipulation, embezzlement, extortion and bribery, information leakage and sale, money laundering, and is spread anywhere (in the street, at home, on the Internet, and at work) except that - in the present time - it is increasing in the insurance and banking sectors, in addition to the health and communications sectors, especially in related projects​.
    He said that all companies are at risk of fraud without exception, and that, under the appropriate circumstances and pressure, the average person may defraud fraud. Humans - often - are under pressure and find themselves justifications for practicing fraud.​
    He pointed out that the cost of fraud is so high that, according to the International Report on Fraud Cases for 2018, institutions and companies in the private sector expose 5% of their income to various fraud risks, either as a result of falling under the trap of fraud or as a result of spending it as fines or expenses to combat it. Accordingly, the potential cost of job fraud crimes in the private sector amounts to $ 4 trillion around the world. Also, many of the world-famous companies have been defrauded and they have delegated their losses in the millions and some of them may reach billions.​
    As for the cost of fraud in the Saudi market, the amount of the cost of adulterated goods (which is a type of fraud) in the Saudi market amounts to 5 billion dollars, and the cost of the seized goods in 2015 is only 84 million dollars.​
    Al-Qahtani expects the complications of fraud to get worse in the future, especially with the introduction of electronic fraud, the availability of electronic transactions and the expansion of regional transactions, especially since a category of fraudsters is expected to come from young age groups with high aspirations to gain quick gain, assuring that the fight against fraud is done with a simple effort It is a focus on the importance of ethics, which should be generalized to the largest possible number, and be a feature and pattern in the completion of the company's business and tasks. Ethics means a transparent and honest work environment through open communication channels​.
    Finally, he spoke about the Saudi Anti-Fraud Association and its role in combating this disease, as it is a humiliating, non-profit association that works to combat fraud within the framework of the mission and goals of other professional societies in the Kingdom, which comes in a framework that integrates with all other professional institutions and associations.​

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