• Spark" announces international standards for developing the energy sector in the Kingdom and attracting more investments


    ​During a workshop organized by the Logistics Committee in the Asharqia Chamber

    "Spark" announces international standards for developing the energy sector in the Kingdom and attracting more investments​

    Officials at King Salman Energy City (Spark) have revealed that the city's infrastructure will be completed by the end of September of next year 2021, while the completion of the dry port and logistical area of ​​the city will be in the year 2023.
    This came during a workshop entitled "Logistics Sector Projects in King Salman Energy City" organized by the Asharqia Chamber represented by the Remote Logistic Committee yesterday, Tuesday 29 / September / 2020, where the marketing and investment development specialist in the city, Hala Al-Musbah, explained that the city provides promising investment opportunities, including Industrial lands, and other lands for non-industrial activities, such as warehouses and shops.​
    Al-Musabbah said during the workshop, which was run by the head of the Logistic Committee, Rakan Al-Otaishan, that the investment lands in the city are equipped for delivery and operation, as the lands are paved and have a ready-made infrastructure and equipped with all facilities, and therefore they are ready for development and construction.
    She added that the initial plan to attract industrial investors has been in contact with the Council of Economic and Development Affairs since 2017. The first phase is to allocate lands to industrial investors, and all facilities will be ready in 2021, noting that lease contracts have been signed for 18 investors worth $ 1.3 billion. And allocating land to 17 investors, worth 1.1 billion dollars.​
    ​Al-Musabbah pointed out that the city obtained the LEED silver level certificate in energy leadership and environmental design as the first industrial city in the world, which is an internationally recognized system for issuing green building certificates. It is characterized by being strategically located to enable productivity, trade and access to energy markets, and it contains supportive non-industrial facilities such as an exhibition center, a conference hall, residential complexes, restaurants and cafes, commercial centers, sports facilities, and health care centers, in addition to being subject to regulations that work in a unified way to qualify investors. Land specification, unified utility tariff, and other specifications and standards.
    Al-Musbah concluded by saying that "Spark" is the first industrial city in the world to be granted a Leadership Certificate in Energy and Environmental Design. It was designed with an integrated global environmental system, on an area of ​​50 square kilometers, and has set its sights on localizing industry and technology, so "the city’s vision is: "To be an integrated industrial center for energy-related industries and services based on innovation and cooperation", and its main mission is "to attract investors to the energy sector, by providing a platform with infrastructure and services with international specifications that facilitate the growth of customers' business and add sustainable value to the Saudi society," and bear basic values They are: "Safety, Emiratisation, Excellence, and Integrity".​
    The workshop was attended by the President and Chief Executive Officer, Eng. Saif Al-Qahtani, the Executive Vice President of Operations Enas Al-Ashqar, the Executive Vice President of the Coordination and Project Support Department, Engineer Muhammad Al-Tamimi, the Executive Vice President of Business Development Nabil Shaashua, and the Director of Business Development Marwan Tijani.​

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