• Saudi Electricity Company: The current year saw the adoption of 37 billion riyals for the company's projects


    ​During a virtual meeting at the Asharqia Chamber​

    Saudi Electricity Company: The current year saw the adoption of 37 billion riyals for the company's projects​

    Officials of the Saudi Electricity Company said that the company approved about 37 billion riyals for its projects during the current year and that despite the Corona pandemic, its services have been connected to about 200,000 subscribers since the beginning of the year, and thus the company's subscribers exceeded 9 million subscribers.

    This came during the meeting held by the Asharqia Chamber, represented by the Contracting Committee, and as part of its series of meetings for strategic partnerships with major national companies, on Tuesday 18 August 2020, and it was attended by the Saudi Electricity Company by Eng. Mahdi Al-Dossary, CEO of the Projects Development Company of the Saudi Company Electricity, and the engineer, Abdullah Al-Mady, Executive Vice President for Services and Contracts Activities at the Saudi Electricity Company, and the meeting was moderated by a member of the Chamber’s Board of Directors and Chairman of the Contracting Committee, Hamad bin Hammoud Al-Hammad, who praised the measures taken by the government and the initiatives it implemented to confront the repercussions of the pandemic and mitigate the effects The financial and economic consequences of its repercussions on citizens and private sector establishments, and he said that despite the difficult challenges imposed by this pandemic in front of the whole world, what the state has adopted and what it has followed in managing this crisis in terms of plans and strategies led by the Maqam of the Master of the Two Holy Mosques and his faithful Crown Prince, was It has the greatest impact towards achieving success and a safe exit for the national economy from this crisis and its consequences.​

    Al-Hammad stressed the great role that national companies such as the Saudi Electricity Company played during the crisis, pointing out that the company presented several initiatives that supported national efforts in light of the Corona pandemic, and continued to present its projects, and that the meeting is an attempt to identify the initiatives and programs implemented by the Saudi company For electricity in light of the Corona pandemic and what it intends to launch in future projects.
    For his part, Al-Dossary said that the number of the company's subscribers exceeded nine million subscribers and that during the current year and in light of the Corona crisis, the company was able to deliver its services to about 200,000 new subscribers, and pointed out that the company did not stop its work throughout the crisis period, and if it stopped for a short period it was for Reorganization in line with the precautionary measures that have been taken, and that during the year many projects were added and introduced, and the implementation of their existing projects continued.

    Al-Dossary stressed that there is no non-national contractor in the projects of distributing customer services and that the number of contractors for the company exceeds 1,200, and the percentage of national contractors among them exceeds 90%. The company also supported the national contractor by including it in the list of qualifications in the specialized projects, so it merged the national contractor with international manufacturers to transfer knowledge and benefit from specialized expertise so that the role of international specialized companies is limited to supply.​
    For this part, Al-Dossary said that the company today is developing day after day in terms of digital transformation, starting with the installation of smart meters and soon the electronic application around these meters, and passing through the process of controlling remote networks and thus the speed of response in solving problems based on these capabilities.
    With regard to the award, Al-Mady said that the company has shifted in terms of the contract award process to full automation, thus achieving transparency, pointing out that there are specific criteria in accordance with the system to determine the award of contracts, including the percentage of local content, including prices, technical qualification for contractors, and other criteria.

    Al-Mady affirmed that the company supports national companies, referring to the Electricity Industries Localization Strategy (Binaa), which includes three main initiatives aimed at encouraging, supporting local industries and services, the initiative to develop policies and mechanisms to support and motivate local manufacturers and contractors, and the initiative to develop policies and mechanisms to support and stimulate small enterprises. As well as the initiative to identify localization opportunities in materials industries, where 231 contracts were signed during the year 2020 AD that contributed to the support of local content worth 2.2 billion Saudi riyals, as part of the initiatives of the Local Content Program.​
    ​With regard to contractors 'receivables, Al-Dossary emphasized that the company is well-known for its commitment to contractors, noting that the company paid until July 18, 2020, all approved and due to invoices, because it believes that paying contractors' dues is the real fuel for the contractor.​


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