• Saudi Aramco Center to Support SMEs


    Saudi Aramco has opened  a Center at the Asharqia Chamber to support and develop small and medium enterprises in the Eastern Province. Chairman of the Chamber Mr. Abrulrahman Rashed Al Rashed inaugurated the Center on April 2, 2012.

    The opening of the center is a new step in cooperation between Asharqia Chamber and Saudi Aramco which has been providing support, technical assistance, advice and information to help grow private sector companies in the Kingdom. It will  enhance Asharqia Chamber's efforts to offer various kinds of help  to the small and medium size firms since the Chamber has already a department called Small and Medium Enterprises Development Center.

    Mr. Al Rashed described the new cooperation between Saudi Aramco and Asharqia Chamber as a new phase of partnerships which will yield fruitful results in the development of new trade and industries in the Eastern Province. " We have long-term partnerships with Saudi Aramco", he said.  

    Saudi Aramco is the key player in the Saudi economy and most of its activities are located in the Eastern region of the country. The national company currently has undertaken many mega projects which need support  from the SMEs for various types of supplies indicating bright prospects for setting up SMEs in the Eastern Province.

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