• Saud bin Nayef patronizes toight Asharqia Chamber annual event for businessmen


    In the presence of a crowd of businessmen, officials, diplomats and media

    Ataishan:  it enhances the positive communication of the business sector, which is in the service of the country

    Al Wabel: A culmination of the efforts of a whole year of programs and supportIive projects in for the business sector

    The Prince of the Eastern Province, His Royal Highness Prince Saud bin Nayef bin Abdul Aziz patronizes the annual  event organized by Asharqia Chamber the evening of Tuesday, November 22, 2016 for men and it is expected to attend a crowd of officials and businessmen from the Chamber participants and officials of the diplomats, government officials, media and interested figures, in the Sheraton Hotel in Dammam.
    The head of the Council of
    Asharqia Chamber of Abdulrahman Al Ataishan said that the care and honor of His Highness the Prince for this event adds a special importance, and stresses the Prince support and interest of the progress of the business sector with its various segments, and this reflects the appreciation of His Highness to the sector role in serving the community, and in the service of the country.
        Ataishan stressed the importance of the annual reception for  
    Asharqia Chamber event, as an annual event for communication between the owners and representatives of the business sector and other public and private institutions and the increased importance   combining the top in positions of responsibility or outside, to enhance the ties of the one family that brings us together around the issues of the region, and in the service of the  country, urging  business sector and all the Chamber partners in the government and private cultural institutions and media organizations to attend this event and to invest this gathering in strengthening the of positive communication all in the service of the country, pointing that the Chamber is keen to show the annual reception in an a distinctive way, pointing that the event this year is the culmination a whole year of hard work in supporting the participants and business owners in the area.
    Ataishan also said that the annual reception is one of the many activities organized by the Chamber, in the framework of its keenness to strengthen ties and social relations with the chamber and business participants and between representatives of government departments and private sector representatives, expressing the hope that the eastern region is experiencing economic situation and socially more growth and progress. He pointed that it wil lonly happen most notably, the most important is the cooperation of everyone.
    For his part, Secretary General of Asharqia Chamber Abdulrahman bin Abdullah  Al Wabel welcomed the participants of the Chamber stressing the interest in the presence of all participants and their presence in the occasion, that the presence reflects the keenness of the private sector to interact with the community, and communication and mutual understanding and consolidate the social relations among businessmen and the top society, pointing that the event is an occasion for the meeting of all members of the chamber and its participants, explaining that the Chamber communicates with its participants with various  authorities and government institutions of and private committees on the other hand, to enhance the ties with all authorities in the eastern region, and a proof of its role in the service the society.
           Al Wabel pointed that the annual event is an occasion for communication with all segments of society, from the people of the region, and interacting with the top of the society, and various social segments, also the reward for the
    Chamber efforts, in the presence of His Highness the Prince of the Eastern Province, who is keen to patronize the annual reception, and supporting the Chamber  initiatives since more than sixty years, and contributes to  more progress to economy, explaining that the Chamber with all of its expertise and capabilities and experiences in the improvement process, it  experienced and still experiencing in the region, recognizing the economic role and social responsibilities, and an expression of the will of the participants of business men and women, and forming their aspirations and expectations in service of this country.
    Asharqia Chamber.. A pioneering project  
    The Chamber began as a core for an unforgettable modern project, in 1372, but it was a humble start, and with the passage of days it succeeded in offering tens of initiatives and achievements  that participated one way or another to push forward the whole wheel of development, to be one of the actors and influential in the movement of progress, to be one of the beneficiarie of these improvements and interacting with them, since the  economic movement was humble in the region, compared to what it is in the time of globalization and world trade.
     Asharqia Chamber is the third Chamber in the Kingdom, after Mecca and Jeddah Chambers in terms of establishment, began with 9 members, all were appointed by the Ministry of Commerce, by the board and the current composition which consists of 18  male and female members and two thirds of it to be elected , the Chamber  has improved so much, and overcome a long way to go on the road to organizational and structural progress, and increased the size, quantity and quality, and a has a variety of sectors and departments, sections and centers in the quality of the various performance of services to its participants of businessmen and women, and people of the region.
    This improvement is a natural result of the increased number of  participants,  that reached three months after the founding of the Chamber to (19) participants, and doubled in a continues growth till now exceeded the 66 thousand participants, an increase growth of the number of participants, events and programs directed to them.


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