• Representatives of the Secretariat of the region and the social development Bank in Asharqia Chamber viewing license mechanisms and financing portable food trucks


    Amid a big presence of the male and female pioneers

    The representatives of the Secretariat of the eastern region and the Bank of Social Development, the portable food trucks licenses granted to women and men alike, regardless of gender, refusing any conditions of owning a "restaurant" for the granting of the license, stressing that the intention was a location or a fixed place for processing, pointing that the (11) people who have obtained licenses for portable food trucks do not have restaurants, and a full time requirement is effective when has the final approval, and not before.
    This was in a meeting of induction portable food project, mechanisms and requirements for licensing vehicles, held by Asharqia Chamber on Monday evening, Feb. 13, represented by the Small and Medium projects development center, in collaboration with the Secretariat of the eastern region and the Bank of social development, amid a big presence of young men and women the of Dammam and other interested figures and specialists in small and medium projects development.
    The meeting which was moderated by the Executive Director of a group hosted Abdulrahman Moaibed for the Consulting Engineers, Eng. Abdul Rahman Al Moaibed, titled (licensing mechanism for portable food carts), Director General of the Environment services eastern region health, Dr. Abdul Rahman Al Shahyl, who pointed to the importance of the project as it corresponds to the kingdom vision to the future, stressing that the idea is made by young men and women, and they are now in the process of renovation to make them proper environmentally healthy and socially.
    The meeting  gathered the head of the credit and project finance bank social development in Dammam Khaled Al Ghamdi, who presented a detailed presentation about the portable sales  carts program to provide funding support for the young men and women who have the desire and ambition to  have self employment, noting that the program is characterized by comprehensiveness to  give the carts owners a big chance to choose what fits with their interests and abilities according to the requirements of the market.
    Al Shahyl stressed that the idea of ​​the portable food trucks have been implemented some time ago and it is now in the process of renewal and development, and that such meetings are like a brainstorming of ideas and  suggestions to rework the project on a right basis, pointing that the decision to improve the idea of ​​ portable trucks, appeared two years after the passage of evaluation and following up to the existing carts as well as watching the experiments around us.
    Al Shahyl pointed to the difficulty of food activities as it relates to more than one factor and on top is the consumers health, which he says has prompted the Secretariat to communicate and listen to all the relevant authorities such as civil defense, health and environmental organizations, as well as public meetings through the chamber of commerce, associations and various funds.
    Al Shahyl, stressed that the portable food truck licenses granted to women and men alike, regardless of type, it is a project provided to citizens of both sexes, denying rumors that the possession of the applicant for a restaurant condition until it gets a license, stressing that the intended as a fixed location other than the truck and it is a fixed place to be intended for processing, and that persons who have been granted licenses to them previously do not have restaurants.
    Al Shahyl said that our meetings both with the relevant institutions or with the public have resulted in several proposals for inclusion in the project procedures, such as searching the proposal of how to take advantage of parking in commercial centers, as well as several proposals, but under study like activities of the portable truck.

    For his part, Khaled Al Ghamdi, confined the goals of the financing Program for Social Development Bank, in  enhancing the national economy, by enhancing young people of both sexes to work in their own  trucks, as well as contributing to the provision of job opportunities for citizens and contribute to the success of settlement as well as the trucks.

    Al Ghamdi reviewed the financing conditions for the portable trucks, pointing that the higher end financing is 200 thousand riyals, and that the applicant must be a Saudi citizen, and not under the age of 21 years and not more than 60 years, and to be a full time to the project, pointing that a full time requirement of this is by giving the  final approval to funding.
    Regarding the guarantees, Al Ghamdi said that the bank guarantees include a sponsor by 70%, or any other collateral, as well as owning a health certificate and that funding priority is of the targeted programs for categories  targeted by the Ministry of Labour and Social Development.
    Al Ghamdi, presented what he called the  plan of the project, divided into two phases, the former is the stage of introduction, which begins by applying mail and then the credit check, which means to ensure that persons applying to the proposal to have business records, and then the personal interview and submit the  work plan,  then comes the second stage, according to Al Ghamdi, is divided to two stage, the first is the signing of the contract and payments, noting that the paying is on three batches, and that there is one year with no premiums and it is enhancing the project, and the second step is to follow up the implementation of the project and collecting the premiums.
    The  Manager of the Environment Department in the municipality of Al Khobar, Muhamed Hassan, presented a film  about the truck from the inside and their components, and the equipment it must contain and the design, stressing the importance to mind environmental requirements and personal hygiene for those in charge of the project, pointing that there is a decree by the secretary general of the Eastern Province, HE Eng. Fahd al Jubeir, working on the development of investments and removing barriers to projects by citizens, and the work of His Excellency to issue the assigned decree by the General Department for environmental Health  in the region issuing a temporary regulation for the operation of  portable food units and provide support and advice to  licenses applicants so as to ensure the application of the highest health and environmental standards on these units.
    At the end of the meeting, the Secretary General of  Asharqia Chamber, Abdulrahman bin Abdullah  Al Wabel, presented a memorial shield for each of the Director General of Environmental Health in the Eastern Province, Dr. Abdul Rahman Al Shahyl, and head of the credit and project finance in the social development bank in Dammam, Khaled Al Ghamdi.

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