• Recruitment sector in Eastern Region stresses the cooperation with the Ministry of Labour to prevent price manipulation


    In the extended meeting of the recruitment agencies in the Chamber

              Angel recruitment offices in the Eastern Province stressed the importance of cooperation between the Ministry of Labour and Social Development offices, to formulate a unified contract between offices and customers, noting that a workshop will be held to study the current standard contract, and make the necessary modifications to it, pointing that it is an important step to regulate the recruitment market and the protection of all.
    They demanded by the extended meeting which was organized by
    Asharqia Chamber on Monday, to increase the recruitment of more than five months and stop issuing visas to Sri Lankan workers as one of the practical solutions to oblige contracting offices to work visas and not exceed it.
    The head of the Committee of the recruitment in Asharqia Chamber Hussein Al Mutairi, who managed the meeting said that recruitment offices demanded the granting of recruitment offices with a deadline of 12 months to spot the price level as soon as the ban is finished on the recruitment of the Ethiopian workers, as demanded by preventing the case traders from entering the market to keep the price at a level of 6,500 riyals for employment home, as well as stop the authorizations granted to the offices to bring in these workers.
    Al Mutairi on the importance of cooperation and concerted recruitment with the Ministry of Labour and Social Development to prevent contracting the Sri Lankan offices to impose the new value of $ 3000 dollars compared to the previous value of $ 1560, as well as the of the market as the number of exporting countries are taken from Sri Lanka as a measure to determine the recruitment bill, explaining the seriousness of the ministry to stop all the related problems, has resulted in these efforts for determining the price of recruitment in Ethiopia, like Bangladesh,
    He added that the Ministry of Labour and Social Development designed a new pattern to deal with the domestic employment problems both for delaying the monthly salaries or the bad treatment, revealing the new measures expected include the transfer to ensure domestic employment without the consent of the sponsor within 15 days, in case of bad treatment or not paying of the monthly salaries.
    Regarding the compensation of domestic workers in the event of illness or pregnancy, Al Mutairi said that recruitment agencies can conduct pass outside the common contract for compensation within the defined time without any claims on Saudi Office that are not contradicting with the unified contract.
    The attendees agreed to write all the notes to be modified at all recruitment procedures and give it to the recruitment Committee to work on communication with authorities to discuss the activation mechanisms, to regulate the market, and overcome some of the negative situations that accompanied it in past years.

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