• Prince Faisal bin Muhammed: The private sector participates with the country to achieve the national security


    In a lecture organized by  Asharqia Chamber on Wednesday

               The Royal Highness Prince Faisal bin Muhammed bin Nasser bin Abdul Aziz said that the National Security and reviewing the governmental and private work system and the business, helps the continuation of a strong countries to come up with solutions to the effects of international and local changes to the country in various fields.
    He explained in a lecture organized by
    Asharqia Chamber at its main headquarters on the evening of Wednesday, March 1, 2017 titled (the role of the private sector in the protection of national security) that the Kingdom vision 2030 is urgent necessity to national security as it focused on the political, economic and social dimensions in particular.
    He said in the lecture, which was headed by Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Chamber Abdulrahman bin Saleh Al Ataishan that the private sector appeared with the emergence of Saudi, which supported him in times that have passed by, as the sector has an effective contribution in improving the country, especially in industry, commerce and the service sector  fields contributed, and plans in the future to participate effectively in the service sectors that are currently run by the country.
    He pointed that the National Security consists of the financial and moral capacity of the Kingdom and public and private sector, and face internal threats of military and political power and the strength of the home front, and to achieve the requirements of life of the community and seeking  the well being and achieving the ultimate goal of the national security, a sense of security, pointing that the private sector is a partner in the positive investment in that capacity and improve it effectively and contribute to the achievement of the security through different dimensions, including political, social and demographic.

    His Highness said that the private sector participates in reducing the gap between the classes of the society under the national identity through work on the qualifying of community participation and training of its members and ensure the establishment of charitable projects.
    For his part, Al Ataishan said that the national security is a comprehensive participatory process to the Kingdom institutions and not others, but to all institutions the private and the public, as part of a group of national goals, that take in consideration, internally or locally.
    Al Ataishan continued saying: the private sector is one of the most important institutions, that took on the burden of maintaining the national security, being a sector capable of accommodating the biggest number of national hands and moving the national production wheel, and the consequent achievement of self sufficiency and reduces dependence on the other countries and increases the national exports.
    As the country and in the framework of implementation of the Vision 2030, aiming to make the essential changes in the economic structure, and made a remarkable progress to the participation of the private sector in the protection of the national security, which is evident in the localization and technology industries operations, launched by the country, especially in the supportive technical and military industries that is growing day after day.
    This is clear by what the country presents, as well as package decisions and actions to reduce the negative economic phenomenon and their effect on the national security, commercial cover up, who despite that is still is the main cause in raising unemployment and inflation. as well as wasting of billions of riyals by converting up amounts to abroad.
    In conclusion Al Ataishan presented a memorial gift to His Royal Highness Prince Faisal bin Muhammed bin Nasser bin Abdulaziz, and his highness the prince presented a
    n honorary shield to the Chamber.

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