• Naghi: Entrepreneurs should make sure to pursue education and be flexible


    ​During the "My Experience" program in the Asharqia Chamber

    ​Naghi: Entrepreneurs should make sure to pursue education and be flexible​

    Businessman Muhammad bin Yusuf Naghi, The Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Jeddah Chamber, The Chairman of the Board of Directors of Muhammad Yusuf Naghi and Brothers Group, stressed the need for entrepreneurs to learn, present new ideas, and enjoy the ​​​flexibility to sustain their business.

    Naghi said during a meeting within the "My Experience" program organized by the Asharqia Chamber represented by the Young Businessmen Council on the evening of Wednesday, December 23, 2020, that the state, is working to support the national economy with many initiatives and decisions, which are positively reflected on the performance of different sectors, and this matter should benefit Including entrepreneurs, in proportion to the volume of their business, pointing out that the state presented many lessons learned during the Corona pandemic to businessmen and women, as its decisions were characterized by the correct timing and speed required, and this ultimately led to supporting the national economy in order to continue work and keep pace with Everything that happens again in the world, and with the grace of God Almighty and then the wisdom of the wise leadership, we have reached safety and distinguished us by our performance from the world.​​

    Regarding his beginnings, Naghi explained during the meeting moderated by Uthman bin Adeeb Abu Hussein, that his passion for work was inherited from his family, which was working in limited sectors, most notably gold, stressing that working with the founding generation is an advantage because it transmits to the new generation different experiences, including continuing education and respects Others and eagerness to work, which instilled in it the love of work and the aspiration for new always so that the family's work includes different and varied activities.

    Nagi pointed out during the meeting that many frustrating voices are present and everywhere, but the entrepreneur should not pay attention to them and make sure to hear the positive voices that provide him with the energy he needs to face the market, recalling his competition to conclude a partnership contract with one of the world-famous companies in the luxuries automotive industry. where he said that he was still young and also young for this type of business, but he competed strongly with the passion that attracted company officials to him despite the presence of well-known names at that time, stressing that entrepreneurial ideas and initiatives are required for the continuation of the business, especially in family companies, where The new generation always puts forward modern initiatives that ultimately contribute to the continuation of the family business, and the founding generation must deal with these ideas, develop them and subject them to testing because when they ignore them, they will lose the advantage of keeping up with the new in the market.

    On the development of the business of chambers of commerce in the Kingdom, Naghi said that the state, is changing to keep pace with the modern world, and we, as officials in the chambers, must keep pace with this change in order to be able to meet the aspirations of the business sector, and that is why the chambers now find themselves renewing and leaving the old school.​

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