• Modern payment methods are an option for SME's for growth and developmen


    ​In the expanded meeting of financial sector investors

    Modern payment methods are an option for SME's for growth and development.

    The expanded meeting of the financial sector in the eastern region stressed the importance of using new methods in payment methods, especially for small and medium enterprises, if they want to be in line with the transformations that all social groups are witnessing towards the online purchases and the accompanying applications.​

    ​​Participants in the meeting held on Monday (24 / February / 2020) chaired by Chairman of the Finance Committee of the Asharqia Chamber Zaid bin Abdullah Al-Yaish, referred to the many and significant developments witnessed by the government sector and the private sector in the use of modern payment methods, and the gradual abandonment of traditional payment methods, in addition to the emergence of companies specialized in finding the necessary applications for electronic commerce, which confirms that the future carries with it a lot, necessitates all facilities to adopt these means, as they are the best in many respects, especially in terms of security.​

    He drew attention to the presence of some facilities (mostly small) abandoned after what traditional means. Noting the step of the concerned authorities to compel the gas stations to adopt the points of sale under the penalty of the law, this step will contribute to the expansion of this method to more than one entity involved in providing services.

    The attendees discussed the new insurance products and the importance of investor orientation towards them and benefiting from them, such as housing, jewelry, and project insurance, in addition to vehicle and health insurance​.

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