• Investors of land transportation confirm the integration, training and communication with the transportation Committee


    The extended meeting of the sector in Asharqia Chamber has witnessed several recommendations
    Investors of  land transportation stress the integration, training and communication with the transport ation Community
    Ataishan: the sector has investments amounted of 120 billion riyals
    Jabri: We seek to achieve added value in line with the vision of the Kingdom in 2030

                   The investors in land transportation sector are optimistic about the role of Land Transportation Committee, in further actions aimed to organize the work in the sector and develop and raise the level of its contribution to the national economy, especially in the implementation of the Kingdom Vision 2030 urging for a genuine partnership between investors and the Committee to spot the challenges and  dealing with them.
    This was in the extended meeting held by Asharqia Chamber yesterday Thursday, February 9, 2017 in the presence and participation of a number of investors who have come from different parts of the Kingdom.
    The Chairman of the Chamber Management Abdulrahman bin Saleh Al Ataishan opened the meeting by saying that the transportation sector on the different patterns, is the mirror of the extent of the growth in the national economy, can not imagine a real growth in the transport sector without similar growth in domestic investment was or foreign, explaining that there is a remarkable development witnessed by the sector over the past decades, both in operating systems and in terms of the expansion of its network between the various regions of the Kingdom, that approached the amount of investment of 120 billion riyals, and there are at least 560 thousand trucks the Kingdom east and west, as well as more than 118 thousand Saudis working in it.
    Al Ataishan pointed that the 2030 Kingdom vision may involve  the goals of diversifying in the economic base, requiring all of us as investors in the transportation sector to provide new ideas and develop innovative solutions for the development of the transportation sector in the Kingdom in line with our aspirations towards a sustainable economy.
    He pointed that the Chamber as it organizing this meeting, they will recognize the importance of this sector, and its ability to the economic development further, particularly since the improved performance of the sector, needs to work according to a strategy in which public and private sectors share clear formulas that will jump in transport sector further progress and prosperity, based on strong research and study scientific grounds.
    For his part, Chairman of the Land Transportation Chamber Bandar bin Ali Al Jabri, who conducted the meeting that the purpose of this meeting and other meetings with investors in the road transportation sector is to achieve added value according to Vision 2030, the Kingdom includes a range of perspectives and dimensions in the sector role  to serve the nation and the national economy, because we are looking forward to a profit of all, and we hope to bring more chances in the transportation sector, and he praised the role played by the land transportation Committee in solving problems.
    And it agreed to attend the meeting to prepare a detailed working paper for road transport and its challenges and problems in the sector and Asharqia Chamber to prepare a memorandum about the matter and submit them to the concerned authorities as he stressed the importance of increasing communication with the Committee for further regulation of the sector is growing day after day, and holds many promising investment opportunities, dealing with the negative phenomena recently emerged, such as concealment and breach of some foreign trucks to local systems.
    They called for a detailed study adopted by the concerned authorities to insurance rates operating in the transport sector vehicles, which have recently risen by 100 percent, prompting some companies to reduce the amount of its fleet, or stop working for the failure to obtain the necessary permits conditional insurance.
    The participants in the meeting pointed to the existence of some of the trucks coming from outside  of the Kkingdom, and the transportation role within the Kingdom, which is contrary to the system, and this affects the development of the local companies, because transportation between cities and regions Saudi Arabia is limited to Saudi companies, calling all the Saudi factories for not dealing with any non Saudi carrier transport between cities and regions, to avoid any penalty imposed in this field.
    In the meeting, some of the views of trading on the high cost of transportation resulting from rising all expenses such as labor, fuel, insurance, etc, urging to set a minimum price abide by transporters to avoid any potential losses, as well as raising new contracts value, read contracts with companies benefiting contracts transportation services are not even surprise materials are not taken into account, communicate with these companies to add the item of increasing the cost in case of emergency.
    The attendance called for the need to find ways of integration between transportation companies as an option best to simulate the growth in the market, and to face any challenges facing the sector at various levels, and enhancing the performance of small and medium companies the level, calling at the same big companies benefiting time of the carriers support services merged companies , praising at the same time step by Saudi Aramco in this regard.
    The attendance called for finding big yards transportation (transportation city), during which provide all the services needed by the sector, maintenance and refueling of vehicles and subsistence, housing and other services, noting the response of a number of authorities concerned with this idea and implemented briefly in the region, hoping to be expanded the idea on the Kingdom.
    The meeting urged for a working group of the  carriers companies about the topic of Saudization in the land transportation sector, in addition to the creation of an institute for training alliance between the carriers and big companies that do business similar to what happened in other economic sectors.

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