• Huge developments in the delivery sector and the Secretariat calls for commitment to standards


    ​In a meeting organized by the Asharqia Chamber

    Huge development in the delivery sector and the Secretariat calls for a commitment to standards​

    The data of the "Challenges and Opportunities for Delivery Applications" confirmed that traffic in this market more than doubled than it was before the Krona virus crisis, at a time when the Eastern Region Secretariat stressed the need to follow recommendations and adhere to health standards​.

    The meeting was organized by the Center for the Development of Small and Medium Enterprises in the Asharqia Chamber of Commerce, and it was presented directly on Monday evening (20/4/2020) with the participation of Dr. Abdul Rahman Al-Shuhail (representative of the Eastern Province Secretariat), and each of Sami El-Helwa, owner of the application "Mint" for delivery, and Abdel Aziz Al-Mousa, owner of the “Shaqardi” application, under the management of Enosoft CEO Louay Lubna.​

    On this side, Sami El-Helwa said that the current situation is exceptional, and represents a real shift in the delivery market, expected to continue at its level after the end of the crisis because the technical orientation and reliance on applications to obtain daily needs has become a life behavior for citizens, due to the requirements of prevention and non-curfew And staying at home .. pointing out that such a situation is witnessed in all global markets, which reached the size of the delivery market with about 120 billion dollars, of which 40 billion dollars is made from the big shopping centers (supermarkets).

    Regarding the introduction of additional technologies in the delivery market, Al-Helwa said that many of the developed technologies, which are not currently on the market if we want to implement them, this requires more legislation and regulations, as well as the need for all parties to the marketing process (the consumer, the merchant, the owner of the application) to develop, but that We see that we are moving in this way, especially as the experiment is on its way to rooting more.​

    As for Abdulaziz Al-Mousa, he explained that the size of the delivery market has increased by about ten times in the Kingdom, and despite our lack of accurate information on the number and size of requests implemented by applications daily, but it can be estimated in millions, and I find that the crisis created many opportunities, the e-commerce sector was promising, but it Now it has been strengthened and this is a healthy thing that serves the national economy and serves the economic cycle, and I believe that it contributed to solving part of the problem resulting from the crisis, especially since all applications are operating under the auspices of a government agency that supports them and seeks to overcome the difficulties before it which is the General Authority for Communications and Information Technology.

    As for the representative of the Eastern Region Municipality’s Dr. Abd al-Rahman al-Shuhail, he explained that all connection representatives of electronic applications are following instructions, and are therefore subject to the supervision of the representatives of the Municipality and the municipalities that are affiliated with it .. Reviewing a number of measures implemented by the secretariat before the crisis, such as sterilization and control of markets and stores commercial and other.​​

    He said that the Secretariat has taken several steps and is working to support the delegates and make them aware of peaceful and health laws, regulations and standards, expressing his hope to follow up on the new instructions from the Secretariat in this field.​

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