• Housing: a partnership program that aims to activate the partnership between the Ministry and the private sector


    ​During a remote meeting organized by the Asharqia Chamber​

    Housing: a partnership program that aims to activate the partnership between the Ministry and the private sector​

    Husam Basha, The Director of Business Development at the Ministry of Real Estate Development Agency at the Ministry of Housing, said that the partnerships program, which was launched by the ministry, aims to activate the partnership between the ministry and the private sector by offering many investment opportunities to partners to find housing solutions and provide housing for all segments of society at the appropriate price and quality.

    Basha explained during a workshop organized by the Asharqia Chamber represented by the Real Estate and Urban Development Committee in cooperation with the Ministry of Housing remotely Monday, August 17, 2020, entitled "Discussing partnership opportunities between the Ministry of Housing and the private real estate development sector" that brings great benefits to the ministry by making use of the expertise of developers to provide various housing offers For the beneficiaries, creating a sustainable market in the production of housing units and facilitating ownership opportunities for the beneficiaries, and balancing supply and demand for optimal management of the Ministry’s lands and private sector lands.

    Regarding the benefit to the real estate developer partners, Basha said during the meeting moderated by the Chairman of the Real Estate and Urban Development Committee, Eng. Hamed Bin Hamri, that it consists in accessing an analysis of the database of beneficiaries of the Ministry of Housing, reducing investment risks, and providing the opportunity for developers to implement multiple projects at a lower cost.

    With regard to the beneficiaries, the benefit to them is represented in providing various housing solutions, in addition to providing easy financing solutions, and reducing the time they take to own a housing unit.

    For this part, Jamal Al-Qahtani, Director of Regional Business Development, explained that the Ministry is open to communication channels with partners, and is ready to coordinate and cooperate with those wishing to reach any data and information that serves both parties to reach a product commensurate with the aspirations and desires of the beneficiaries.​

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