• Great prospects for the success of " mobadereen " and bigger opportunities for investors in small and medium institutions



    They stressed the need for its developmental role for "the economy"
               Economists, academics, experts agreed on the importance of activating the role of small and medium institutions in economic growth, stressing the pivotal role in raising the efficiency and performance of the national economy. They pointed that small and medium  institutions improvement is of the most important issues that occupies a priority among the social and economic development in the Kingdom of issues, where these facilities represent great importance in the economies of the Kingdom of development and leads its work alongside big institutions to the integration and perfection of economic structures, which helps to speed the improvement, and increases the rates of growth, and contribute to the overall progress, finance, and updating the regulations and legislation that produce the energies of small and medium institutions and their potentials.
        "The economy" issued by
    Asharqia Chamber  in the new issue has shed light on the small and medium institutions and a number of experts and academics opinions who called for the need to enhancing the role of "the General Committee for small and medium institutions" with the strategic goals of the vision of the Saudi 2030. The Specially that the establishment stage represents the first obstacles the initiators of the small and medium institutions owners face, and they demanded a bigger role of the "General Committee for small and medium institutions" the small investors and owners of free initiatives. "The economy" also commented on the discussions over two days in the small and medium institutions sixth forum held recently in Asharqia Chamber.

        "The economy" visited History in Riyadh, the "Jufrah" market in central Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, and described this market that it may be strange, but it is the strongest market in the world, with its documents. It is one of the strangest economic, financial and financing markets, not only in the Kingdom, but perhaps the "strangest" in the world.  This market, which disappeared from sight, and disappeared from the scene, after works outside the mind and time, and fairy tales like fantasy have been told about, witnessed millions of transactions, with benefits that might reach 100%, under impossible conditions to be controlled to be put on the list vanished debt, with no opportunity for delaying payment, and no  possibility to visit police stations and courts to recover the amounts of lending and funding with its high benefits, as the  contracts agreed on by the market, to restore "the loan and its benefits" is so  precise and authenticated!.

    "Jufrah" market seemed to visitors decades ago a market to sell food and get a living, but the visitor to the market for the first time would think it is of the ancient markets, and that those sitting  inside its mud shops are people outside of time, and their presence in the market is a matter of entertainment and passing hours of the day with stories, and their books embrace thoughts and memories, notes, names and contracts for sale, like bills to buy with coins and a handful of riyals, but the reality says that they are financing and lending with millions, and that what has been written in these books is the finance documents from the shops, that can be compared to the  finance departments in the most prestigious banks and unique guarantees for recovery, even banks cant compete and mortgages and, exceeding with the accuracy the collecting departments in the biggest banks and companies.
        "The economy " commented on the Saudi stock market "Tadawul" and said that there is a threat to eight companies in the market of suspension or cancellation, under the system of the Saudi stock companies, due to the their losses in the past period, which ranged from 50 to 75% of the amount of the its capital, as the system of stock companies states, that '' if the stock company losses amount to three quarters of the capital, members have to call the extraordinary General Meeting, to consider the continuation of the company or resolving it
    before the time determined in its system. If the board members ignored the call of the Extraordinary General Meeting or failed to find a solution for the subject, then it is possible to any interested party to demand a dissolution of the company.
        "The economy" spotted the reality of those companies and the  amount of their losses in numbers that indicate that several companies faced the risk of suspension of trading in stock market over the past years, as a result of the accumulation of losses.
        In the "Profile" section, "the economy" a biography of the late Highness Princess  Mashael bint Faisal bin Turki bin Abdulaziz, and said she left the world, but will live in the public conscience, who does not forget his loyal  sons and daughters and will remain "alive" with her work that will remain "a title" for Saudi women, a witness to her love for her country, and will remain a model for  loyalty, faithfulness, and giving, a pioneer,  translated ideas into actions, and the words to actions in the interests of the society, and enhances its values ​​and principles, and stays terminal for people benefit.

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