• Governor of Abqaiq: The province is keen to support the pioneering ideas for projects


    In the program of the provinces of the region, organized by Asharqia Chamber 
     Al Sawaat: the municipal provide investment opportunities for young people in the management of events and occasions
    Al Essa: Young businessmen have to search for distinctive investment opportunities and show a distinctive new image and ideas.

            The governor of the province of Abqaiq Muhammed bin Saud Al Mathamistressed of supporting the pioneering ideas for projects business pioneering  by the province, and to provide assistance and advice on serving those ideas to implement them on the ground, according to the plans of the country in the Kingdom Vision 2030.
    Al Mathami through the provinces of the region program which was organized by  Asharqia Chamber represented by young people of Eastern businessman Council pm Tuesday, February 21, 2017 titled: (opportunities and challenges), so the mayor Abqaiq theater, that the province has been facilitating the tasks in front of Entrepreneurs through coordination with the relevant competent committees,  indicating that the conversion to electronic services facilitated many of the tasks and opened the way for young people for more creativity and innovation.
    He pointed to the keenness of His Royal Highness Prince Saud bin Nayef bin Abdulaziz, Prince of the Eastern Province to facilitate any challenges facing young businessman, and the guidance to provide the services they need.
    Al Mathami explained in the meeting, which was attended by Secretary General of the Chamber Abdulrahman bin Abdullah  Al Wabel and Chairman of the Board  Musaad bin Zamil Al Zamil and a number of officials, that such programs help to assist the economic sector with distinctive and unconventional ideas offered by business pioneering to benefit everyone and contribute to achieve diversity
    in the local market and the creatsa healthy environment for creativity.
    Dr Ali bin Muhammed Al Sawaat talked about the most important aspects of the support provided by the municipal system in the province, saying that business pioneering are characterized by initiative and passion for the manufacture of a different work, stressing that the small and medium institution are an important pillar of the economic sector.
    He pointed that small and medium institutions sector has achieved accomplishments on the national level, and also at the regional and international level, and perhaps the government focus on this vital sector through the vision of the Kingdom 2030 and the National Program of transformation 2020 that shows the importance of this sector and its effective role in the diversity of the local economy and the nationalization of jobs and the technique, in which the sons of the country have the biggest portion.
    He praised the events and forums that encourage business pioneering and push the energies inside them to serve the economic sector, referring to the recent initiative of the license for portable food trucks and which achieved a great satisfaction and interest among the business pioneering.
    He also said that the commercial business begins and ends in the municipality being involved in the organization and management of commercial, social and economic urban activities, noting that the municipality is working on improving its services the municipality through the provision of licenses and permits for business pioneering with ease to achieve  the goal we seek, stressing that the municipality has changed in the methods of providing the service and that many services are provided electronically currently, such licenses now available electronically. He pointed for a number of initiatives that serve the productive families in Abqaiq in partnership with the  committee for family improvement, adding that Abqaiq is witnessing the establishment of a popular market to serve those families with the completion of the structure and completed the rest of the business in the coming days, where he majored municipal part of the market shops for families producers, and business pioneers.
    Al Sawaat said that the municipality offers investment opportunities in the events and event management, noting that many of the official and national events held by the municipality in partnership with business pioneers, advising young attention out because they do not require a great potential for organizing but need new ideas and specific skills and knowledge in addition to the potential , noting that it is a promising market.
    For his part, the head of Al Essa Group Saad bin Ali Al EIssa, advised young businessmen who need to search for distinctive investment opportunities and provide a new image and distinctive ideas.
    Al Essa said the young business pioneers have to enter the market adventure following the trials of the former business men, and to be patient and to formulate a clear plan that is realistic and achievable, and seeks through hard work and science to achieve.
    Al Essa stressed that in his career he learned a lot of lessons and benefited from the golden advice given to him by a lot of experienced people, saying that achieving difficult targets have a special glow that is reflected on your performance and provides you with the big power that achieve  your business.
    And Alissa explained that  business pioneers interest in the work field studies and study the feasibility of the business they represent a road map for any project.
    For his part, Al Wabel urged the young businessman for the hard work in the search for new and diverse investment opportunities that abound in Abqaiq, stressing that the  Chamber does not save no efforts in providing support through the tasks and welcomes any initiatives and recommendations offered to it  through the Council, noting that the Chamber would transfer those recommendations, initiatives to the concerned authorities for studies and analyzes toward implementation.
    For his part, Al Zamil said that the meeting seeks to serve the region young people, from the Council vision to be the first reference to support and guide young  business pioneers and provide an environment that will improve the national capacities.
    Al Zamil said that the council seeks to provide information and experience locally and internationally, and opened the way to their energy and creativity towards achieving their goals.
    Ghaleb Al Hajri, who made a presentation on the Council achievements and future initiatives said that target of the young people of business council in the Eastern Region is to spread the culture of pioneering spirit among young people and encourage their initiative and creativity and guide young people to manage their business on a modern scientific technical and administrative basis, also the cooperation and coordination with the relevant authorities to remove challenges that the business pioneers face.
    In conclusion, Al Wabel and Al Zamil honored the program guests with memorial shields as the governor presented a gift to Asharqia Chamber.


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