• Free consultations provided by the "hospitality and leisure" committee for operating establishments


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    Free consultations provided by the "hospitality and leisure" committee for operating establishments

    Yesterday, Wednesday (11/18/2020), the Hospitality and Leisure Committee initiative was launched in the Asharqia Chamber to provide free consultations to workers in events and entertainment activities, as part of the services it provides to workers in this promising sector, and as part of its interest and endeavor to achieve a better reality in this regard.
    The Vice-Chairman and Chairman of the Committee Hamad bin Muhammad Al-Buali said that this initiative, which will continue until next Wednesday (11/25/2020), aims to identify the challenges facing workers in the events and entertainment sector and strive to develop appropriate solutions to these challenges and the mechanisms for their implementation, in preparation for To achieve better performance and higher results, in order to achieve the desired added value, represented by creating distinctive activities and entertainment, and opening horizons for investment and nationalization in the aforementioned sectors.
    Al-Buali added that recreational activities and their related activities and programs aspire to a more prosperous reality in light of the great trend that the country is witnessing towards tourism, and domestic tourism in particular, which necessitates the creation of higher hospitality facilities and more distinctive events that reflect the reality in which the country is living, especially the eastern region. Which includes distinctive tourist and entertainment facilities, and has a suitable environment for many events.​

    He pointed out that in order to reach a better position in this regard, we must overcome a number of challenges facing workers and investors, and this is what the committee seeks by recruiting a number of experts and specialists to provide advice and appropriate solutions .. expressing his hope that this initiative will be successful, through Reaching effective solutions to the difficulties faced by workers in the field of events and entertainment.​​

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