• Experts in the coffee industry: the Kingdom at the forefront of most countries importing coffee


    ​​During an evening in the Asharqia Chamber

    ​Experts in the coffee industry: the Kingdom at the forefront of most countries importing coffee​.

    ​According to experts and specialists in the field of coffee industry, coffee is the second most traded commodity in the world after oil, and that the Kingdom has in recent years ranked high among the countries that import most coffee; During the year 2019, the activity of cafes in the Kingdom in general and in the Eastern Province in particular.​

    This came during the evening organized by the Eastern Chamber on Wednesday, October 31, 2019, entitled (competent coffee trip), and came in cooperation with (The Coffee Group), and highlighted the journey of coffee starting from cultivation, through processing and roasting, and ending in the presentation of cafes, and a statement The difference between those specialized and commercial ones, in addition to highlighting the developments in the cafes market in the Kingdom and a widespread predicted more investment opportunities, whether those related to the coffee industry or the cafes market.

    The speakers explained the coffee supply chain from the farms to the end consumer, noting that specialized coffee needs special cultivation and soil quality. The method of filling, preservation or storage should be done in special warehouses, as well as the method of roasting requires skill and intensive training for those in charge, especially as it is a process through which the chemical treatment of coffee seeds, and therefore must be according to specific criteria and foundations, pointing out that coffee Competent, are those that are subject to many standards that confirm their quality and are free from any defects.​

    Speakers stressed that the journey of the coffee industry entails many distinct investment opportunities, both in terms of importing and selling places (cafes), especially to the local and international estimates of the high demand for coffee consumption in the coming years.​

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