• Experts and specialists call facilities to implement innovative solutions and achieve mergers


    During the meeting of Manpower Solutions in crisis:​

    Experts and specialists call facilities to implement innovative solutions and achieve mergers

    Emphasizing the positivity of the Saudi worker and his effectiveness in the crisis

    Companies are invited to find a ready plan to face a crisis such as Corona 

    The meeting of "Manpower solutions in the event of crises", organized by the Asharqia Chamber represented by the Center for Remote Development of Small and Medium Enterprises (yesterday evening 12/4/2020), stressed a number of innovative options and solutions to overcome the effects of the Corona crisis that affected all small and large enterprises. Noting the necessity to restore the stereotypical view of the Saudi worker and employee, and to go towards mergers​.

    Speakers said during the meeting, which was managed by specialist Abdul-Rahman Al-Bassam, that the crisis was an opportunity for many internal procedures in companies, including the regulation of financial and administrative aspects, as well as human resources, and the need for all facilities to plan for crisis management was confirmed.​

    ​During the meeting, Human Resources Consultant Khalid Al-Shniber said that the procedures of the government of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques were exceptional, comprehensive and also fast, including those concerning the workforce.​

    For this part, legal advisor Obaid Al-Obaid said that the basic rule that everyone must abide by is the necessity of solidarity. We went through the crisis in several stages in terms of employment and human resources, the first was the stage of shock, as things were not clear, then followed by the recovery phase, as The Ministry of Human Resources saved what could be saved, then the second stage came, which is to prevent any amendment that affects the working relationship except by consensus. The Ministerial Decree (74) was issued which was clarified well, as the worker and the employer were placed in front of three options, each one with the consent of the worker, Which is to reduce the wage of the worker or to give him leave Nucleolus or exceptional leave, and the decision clear included Saudi and non-Saudi, has allowed the decision to the employer terminate the employment contract if the parties agree not to be a condition of the beneficiaries of support.​

    He pointed out that the option of mergers and acquisitions between small and medium enterprises is contained during the crisis and beyond as well, and that it is very important to take advantage of some programs such as (Ajir) to hire workers .. calling on all direct services companies such as water and electricity for more initiatives to support companies and citizens.

    The CEO of Center for Affaq Management Consulting Ali Al Eid said that the crisis hit everyone, and everyone affected by even the excluded sectors, which made it necessary for everyone to take certain precautionary measures to prevent infection from reaching the market, the first orientation of the facilities is was the awareness of staff.

    He stressed the need to develop a crisis management plan, which was not present in most small and medium enterprises, and some large enterprises as well, and the state of transparency with employees must be deepened and seek to find common solutions based on a ​partnership between the two parties (worker​ and employer), an option that is supposed to It is present in establishments in the pre-crisis periods, and it should continue after the crisis.

    He stressed the importance of having innovative solutions and taking advantage of lessons from crises, reading global experiences in such situations, and achieving administrative communication between all departments and departments of work in facilities.​​

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