• Expert: CV is the trump card and the first gateway to transit to seize career opportunities


    ​In a remote meeting organized by the Asharqia Chamber​

    Expert: CV is the trump card and the first gateway to transit to seize career opportunities​

    An expert in human resources said that the CV is the trump card and the first gateway to crossing to seize job opportunities, advising young men and women in constant awareness of sources of employment polarization, as well as those who are willing to conduct job interviews by collecting information about the facility and the job to be filled, and not to overlook the general appearance when the interview,

    Ali Al Eid, The Head of Human Resources for Aujan Coca-Cola Saudi Arabia, noted the need to continue updating and developing the CV, while not using ready-made and old templates or exaggerating the use of designs, and he pointed out the importance of not elaborating some of its contents such as (job tasks - training courses).​

    This came during the lecture, organized by the Asharqia Chamber, represented by the Employment Center, on the evening of Wednesday 9 September 2020 AD, about the success factors that support young men and women in seizing available job opportunities, starting from defining the career goal through the contents of the CV, realizing the sources of recruitment and ending with the interview and how to pass it.

    Al Ali said that the CV is the trump card and the first gateway to seizing job opportunities, and then its formulation and output must take sufficient time to present it appropriately, pointing to the importance of containing the academic qualifications, practical experiences, training programs that have been obtained and all entities that can be referred. In case the company wants to inquire about the applicant for the job, in addition to paying attention to the visual output of the CV as a whole, noting the need to avoid linguistic and grammatical errors when writing a CV, and not neglecting important milestones that should be mentioned in the CV, and avoiding copying biographical phrases from different sources Without paying attention to what was written.

    Al Ali advised, to take caution and beware of fraudulent job offers, which are unclear or complete, as they fail to provide any clear information about the caller or the requesting party, and often by presenting a very attractive financial offer that exceeds personal expectations and market rates, or when submitting the offer. The job requires money to complete the fake employment, and finally to submit an offer with the dream job title that does not match the qualifications and experiences of the victim.

    This introductory lecture comes within a series of lectures presented by the Asharqia Chamber of Employment Center for the business community to educate about initiatives that serve the sector and to discuss directly with officials about any questions or inquiries they have.​

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