• Environmental health: We seek to raise the efficiency of supervision and rehabilitation of food establishments


    ​During a workshop held in the Asharqia Chamber

    Environmental health: We seek to raise the efficiency of supervision and rehabilitation of food establishments​

    ​​The Director-General of Environmental Health at the Eastern Province Municipality, Dr. Abd al-Rahman al-Shuhail, affirmed the secretariat’s intention to adopt more modern methods to create a distinct healthy environment, according to international standards that depend on the mix between human capabilities on the one hand, and science and technical means, on the other hand.

    Al-Suhail said during a workshop organized by the Eastern Chamber in cooperation with the secretariat on Tuesday 3 March 2020 that the region’s municipality seeks to provide a safe and healthy environment free of diseases and pollutants and keep pace with the high technological developments for the people and visitors of the eastern region and spread permanent and continuous health awareness at the hands of our distinguished national competencies. Among the tasks carried out by its departments, and the first departments are (environmental sanitation), which aims to support the option of preventing common and transmissible diseases and to identify appropriate methods to combat public health pests and advance reporting to them, and it consists of two parts (laboratory management, The Health Protection Department), and it performs several tasks, including an epidemiological investigation to determine appropriate methods to limit the spread of common and transmissible diseases, verify the integrity of samples, advance warning, develop appropriate plans for the prevention of future diseases, adopt pesticides, and examine samples to verify the safety of products and services Introduction, in addition to all work related to environmental sanitation that is assigned by the Environmental Health Manager.​

    The second of those departments that support the vision of the General Administration of Environmental Health is the (Department of Comprehensive Oversight and Licenses), which aims to raise the efficiency of control and rehabilitation processes for food establishments, and related to public health to reach the desired health and professional level, and it performs several tasks: including the application of health regulations and requirements and generalizations with The organized relationship for that, preparing statistical plans and reports, field supervision and rehabilitation of facilities to implement specific health systems.

    As for (slaughterhouse management and meat health), it is concerned with supervising slaughterhouses, monitoring epics, raising awareness, and reporting any epidemic disease that occurs. Its mission is to ensure the safety of livestock before slaughter and the safety of the meat offered and their suitability for human consumption, verify the availability of health requirements in slaughterhouses, butchers, and kitchens according to the specifications set for them, and participate in raising the degree of awareness among society of the positive aspects of slaughter in slaughterhouses​.

    He pointed out that the Environmental Protection Department (which is part of the General Directorate of Environmental Health) is an "environmental link" between the relevant authorities to monitor pollution levels and the application of environmental performance measurement indicators, and is coordinating to develop training programs to develop the capabilities of employees of the Environmental Protection Unit, as well as to develop awareness programs For the clients, participating in environmental committees, meetings, and conferences, providing the Meteorological and Environmental Protection Authority with information on the environmental situation, and enabling the Authority's observers to enter the Ministry's facilities and facilities to inspect and monitor pollution levels.

    He drew attention to the fact that among the activities of the General Administration of Environmental Health in raising the level of environmental awareness is what the "Center for Qualification and Education of Workers" is doing and its task is to train and qualify workers in food establishments and public health, in order to integrate with the work of the regulatory system, reduce food contamination, and raise the level of Health awareness, production of healthy food for individuals familiar with the rules of control, and raising the level of workers in food establishments and shops related to public health​.

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