• Eng. Al Sharari: Implementation of 70 new projects next year


    ​During a remote meeting organized by the Asharqia Chamber​

    Eng. Al Sharari: Implementation of 70 new projects next year

    Eng. Hamdi bin Dabashi Al Sharari, The head of the Eastern sector at the National Water Company, affirmed that the company will continue to develop its services directed to customers in order to reach the goal of improving services that are in line with international standards and in line with the Kingdom's 2030 vision.
    Al Sharari said during the meeting organized remotely by the Asharqia Chamber represented by the Real Estate and Urban Development Committee on Thursday 8 October 2020, to introduce the company's services, that the company, as part of its efforts in the project of replacing old consumption reading meters with new (smart) high-tech meters, was able to install 325,477 smart meters covered during the project Approximately 95% from the city of Dammam, and 91.2% at the level of the eastern region, indicating that these meters are characterized by monitoring the customer's water consumption with high accuracy and reading it remotely.​​
    During the meeting moderated by the head of the Real Estate and Urban Development Committee in the Asharqia Chamber, Eng. Hamed bin Muhammad bin Hamri, Al Sharari explained that the company has completed 13 new projects with a value of 174 million riyals, and 8 other projects related to environmental services (sanitation) with a value of approximately 311 million riyals, pointing out that the region Al Sharqiya witnessed the implementation of 21 comprehensive projects worth 485 million riyals.
    Al-Sharari indicated that the company is currently studying the comprehensive plan, stressing that it is working on the requirements and needs of the region until 2050, pointing out that the next year 2021 will witness the implementation of 70 new projects, ranging from water projects to others related to sanitation, in addition to projects to improve quality, which It will be ready for dock soon​​.
    On the issue of improving services, Al Sharari said that the company is working according to these aspirations. Emphasizing that many services have been improved, as we have reached 89% of improving the issue of dealing with complaints, and that the time for dealing with them has been reduced from days to a few hours, and with regard to billing work and its accuracy, we have reached a rate of more than 91% of adherence to billing dates and the accuracy of its accounts.
    Al Sharari indicated that the company is working on the National Qatrah program, which aims to direct behavior towards rationalization in water consumption and preserving grace, noting that the company's electronic branch includes many services, including new services that have been newly added to interact with customers' requests.​
    On what is being circulated about the bills, Al-Sharari said, “We received through the website more than 23,000 objections and requests that were dealt with. The company has designated a committee to deal with objections working around the clock, and more than 500 installment requests have been accepted for long-term defaulted, clients. Once the request is accepted, the service will be restarted.
    With regard to the domestic sewage connection services and the delayed implementation now, Al Sharari said that we are facing some challenges that are on the way to resolving and providing service for new properties. It is expected that alternative contracts will be awarded soon and the implementation of the requests will start.​​​

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