• Emphasis on e-commerce and digital marketing to save time and money


    ​At the conclusion of the series of "entrepreneurship" workshops in the Asharqia Chamber

    Emphasis on e-commerce and digital marketing to save time and money​

     Asharqia Chamber, represented by the Women’s Business Center on Sunday 20 September 2020, concluded workshops entitled “The Entrepreneurial Series” that was launched last July and presented by Bandar Al-Junaidi (a consultant and certified trainer for entrepreneurship and a member of the American Association of Certified Consultants (AASBC), and Manal Al-Shammari (a trainer in Projects field) over a period of two months​.

    The last workshop in the series of workshops was titled "E-commerce and Digital Marketing", as the concept of digital marketing was defined as an integrated marketing plan that uses modern electronic technologies and all means of communication available via the Internet to reach the largest target segment of the problem at a lower cost than marketing traditional.

    Digital marketing - according to the workshop outputs - has two advantages over traditional marketing, as it provides customers with more convenience and competitive prices, and enables companies to reduce operating costs as a result of dispensing with traditional marketing, saving a lot of money.
    The two speakers mentioned that many digital marketing services, including paid-for ads, or on websites or social networks, such as Facebook ads, SEO services, and content marketing strategies, are done in dozens of different ways that are used in marketing.​
    In order to achieve success in e-commerce, the two speakers see the necessity to design a "website compatible with smartphones" - customers buy directly and indirectly using their mobile devices, and if this site does not exist, the institution may lose large segments of customers
    The two speakers concluded that there is a need for a clear business plan to start an ​e-commerce business​.

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