• E-commerce is the most prominent sector, and the loyalty and efficiency of human resources are the most important gains


    Asharqia Chamber organized a lecture that reviewed the economic lessons learned after "Corona"

    E-commerce is the most prominent sector, and the loyalty and efficiency of human resources are the most important gains

    Abdulrahman bin Muhammad Al-Bassam, a member of the committee, spoke during the lecture, which was held remotely, about the most prominent lessons learned, the most important of which was electronic transformation, and how companies whose electronic base was ready to launch in the world of e-commerce and provide products of all kinds online. Al-Bassam said that ideas, initiatives, and all That is related to electronic commerce and others were there before, but the pandemic accelerated the pace of work with it and became a reality.

    Al-Bassam explained that the pandemic emerged with several lessons, the most prominent of which is that people are changing and are ready for that, and opportunities are emerging from the womb of crises, and also companies must manage and protect cash, pointing to the biggest gain that companies came out with is the loyalty and efficiency of human resources.
    Al-Bassam pointed to the historic decisions announced by the wise leadership, which contributed to supporting the national economy, continuing work, and preserving human cadres and various sectors.
    Al-Bassam said that companies - during the pandemic - reviewed their policies and business models, in order to be able to cope with the new economic situation, and also began to control their expenditures in order to maintain their balance and be able to continue without any impact that could cause a problem for them.
    For his part, Vice Chairman of the Asharqia Chamber, Badr bin Suleiman Al-Razzaa, explained a number of promising and interesting sectors that emerged after the pandemic, including the education sector, electronic retail, and logistical sectors, in addition to the health sector and its services, home medicine, home sports, the food security sector, the tourism sector, and finally Supply chains.
    For this part, Mazen Al-Darrab, who specializes in electronic commerce, said that this vital sector witnessed great growth, and worked to deliver products during the pandemic, in addition to accelerating its automation of services and procedures to keep pace with electronic commerce, explaining that the trend is that the sale of Saudi products and services is not only local or regional. At the level of the Gulf countries and the Arab world, but it extends to more than that, to be global.​

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