• Businesswomen delegation in Eastern Region is searching the investment opportunities in King Fahd International Airport


                Members of the board of directors and the head of the businesswomen Council in Asharqia Chamber Samira bint Abdul Rahman Al Suwaigh stressed the diversity of the investment opportunities for business women in the region and King Fahd International Airport.
    Al Suwaigh headed a delegation of businesswomen that recently met the airport manager Mr. Turki bin Abdullah Al Jawini, and the delegation reviewed the investment opportunities for those who wish to invest in their businesses at the airport.
     Al Suwaigh said that the importance of King Fahd International Airport in Dammam as the main air gate of the eastern region, a gate opens broad prospects for the Arabian Gulf and Asian countries, also occupies the leadership in the vital area of ​​airports around the world, as one of the first international airports in the Kingdom, considering the concept of the free market, contributing to the economic growth and activity of tourism and trade in the region and creates more revenue for the region.
    Al Suwaigh said  that the delegation looked at investment opportunities in diverse  fields such as tourism and free trade, through a visual presentation by Al Jawini included a definition for current and future projects, as well as facilities and new services that offer the traveler, also the delegation looked at the mechanism of action in the inspection areas and the control tower and the passports the new lounges in different grades and potential of modern systems and software that enables the airport to keep on track with developments of the world.
    The delegation visited the Cargo Village, which is considered the largest in the Kingdom as it operates six international companies specialized in shipping passing through the Supplement area.
    Al Suwaigh praised the achievements and awards achieved by the airport, pointing to a number of the economic gains in terms of the exploitation of space and investing the opening a range of restaurants and cafes to provide the option for travelers who are waiting for their flight and recipients who are waiting for the arrival of their loved ones.

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