• Business Counselor: 88% of business owners do not care about the opinions of all their clients and this weakens their presence among competitors


    ​During a remote meeting organized by the Asharqia Chamber​

    Business Counselor: 88% of business owners do not care about the opinions of all their clients and this weakens their presence among competitors​

    A Business consultant Fatma Julaidan stressed the need for the business owner to pay attention to modern digital marketing and to follow up on all developments in order to achieve the greatest benefit in promoting his products and services to the target groups he identifies, and this is what he cannot achieve in traditional marketing.​

    Julaidan said during a remote meeting organized by the Asharqia Chamber represented by the Business Women Center in cooperation with the Intelligence Center for Data Science and Artificial Intelligence, one of the initiatives of the Small and Medium Enterprises Public Authority, Sunday August 30, 2020 entitled “Traditional Marketing and Digital Marketing to Achieve the Physical Objectives of the Business” that digital marketing has reached the highest Its limits during the hiatus due to the Corona pandemic, as it was a great opportunity for business owners to market their products and create a new mechanism to gain customers, indicating that this large amount of marketing during the pandemic caused the recipient's satisfaction, which caused the development of the marketing industry so that advertisements spread in a different way, from In terms of advertising design, the mechanism for choosing the time and the target group, and being keen on creating useful marketing content for the customer.​

    Julaidan attributed the reason for the success of most of the business is the interest in digital marketing through its various means and at the forefront of which comes the design of a professional electronic interface that provides information about the product and means of communication and accommodates the movement of requests and reservations as well as paying the value of products, noting that this achieves various gains, including identifying competitors and their mechanism of work. And the quality of their products that must be viewed and through which the services provided to its customers is improved according to their desires and aspirations.​

    Julaidan explained that digital marketing involves dealing with professional programs that clarify the type of customers, their ages and interests, and also how the customer reached it, and how they heard about the product, and these are important matters for the business owner and it should not neglect them, and she said that there are professional pages that provide this information and must be viewed in full until It achieves the maximum benefit for the business owner, pointing to a statistic indicating that 88 percent of people see results in only the first three pages of search engine results, which weakens the employer's presence among competitors and reduces the possibility of being chosen by his customers and interacting with him.

    Julaidan indicated that the diversity of the methods used in the content and other strategies stimulate the search engine and puts you in a better position in it and gives you a greater presence. Market or increasing customers and followers, or absorbing the brand and spreading it.​

    She pointed out that the quality of the content is the most important part of all marketing campaigns and strategies, noting the need to provide useful content to customers that help them solve their problems, as the content is the main key to attracting customers and increasing internal movement within the site.​


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