• Bohlaiqah: the business sector has to provide a project that confirms its readiness to the Kingdom vision 2030


    In a lecture organized by Asharqia Chamber
    Joatha Advisory Center manager Dr. Ihsan Ali Bohlaiqa said that the Kingdom Vision 2030 confirms the distinctive opportunities to achieve the ideal future progress for the Kingdom and the Saudi citizen, stressing on investment initiatives for the management of human and natural resources as appropriate.
     Bohlaiqah during a public lecture organized by Asharqia Chamber in its main headquarters recently titled (the present and the future of the private sector under the vision of the Kingdom) and was headed by Chairman of the Chamber Abdulrahman bin Saleh Al Ataishan, that the vision appeared by the sons of the country who share the same concern with their fellow citizens, noting that it confirms the mainstreaming of the benefit for everyone on condition that the business understands this vision sector and prevents its plans and strategies accordance to the vision and the need to work to support and engage in implementing  of the vision to reach the aims of the business sector.
    Bohlaiqah noted that the foreign companies have already invested in the Kingdom have changed their strategies fully accordance to the kingdom plans in the year 2020, which means that the major investment companies have discussed the kingdom vision and subjected it for study and analysis  you understand its goals and details and then formulate a new vision to itself with the vision which contributes to achievie new gains through the organization of the labor market.
    Bohlaiqah noted in the lecture, which discussed several topics, most prominently: (opportunities and challenges faced by the private sector, jobs, privatization, and local content, small and medium institutions, and the private sector transfer from rent to production) without planning and work there is no proceed in the country progress, stressing that the whole year is facing a changing phase, including oil, which has been an economic main factor over the past decades, advising local companies and establishments to make a model to commensurate with the vision of the Kingdom to show its readiness to its goals and serve as a map to help them pass the stage, noting that the experience has shown that the diversity of investment more rewarding than one supplier, whatever the amount is.
    He also discussed the great support that carries the vision of the national economy through small and medium institutions committee concerned with the support of this vital important economy and create job opportunities suitable for citizens by supporting business pioneering and privatization programs and investment in new industries, stressing that including more young Saudis in the labor market needs to create jobs, and jobs are granted by a growing economy.


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