• Banking expert emphasizes the need for caution and prevention of financial fraud operations renewed


    ​In a lecture held at Asharqia Chamber yesterday:

    Banking expert emphasizes the need for caution and prevention of financial fraud operations renewed​

    The Director of Banking Awareness Programs at the Media and Banking Awareness Committee called on Abdul Rahman Al-Mutawa to take the side of "prevention" and warn of fraud attempts, as it is better than "treatment" in the event of something like this, especially since all fraudsters at the financial level are from outside the country, and their means are renewed day after day.

    This came in a lecture entitled (Financial Fraud) organized yesterday Wednesday, February 26, 2020, by the Asharqia Chamber in cooperation with the Information and Banking Awareness Committee in Saudi banks where Al-Mutawa said that "those who practice financial fraud use several means, including messages and direct communications and the purpose of which is to lure people, and from them, they are accused of having Certain investments and have prizes and returns, or calling for specific agencies, or offering offers to exchange currencies and the like. Large economic events such as the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 and Saudi Aramco’s subscription and the like are used to promote these offers which are fictitious and nothing more than multiple means of one goal which is to access the savings or accounts of the targeted persons by fraud.

    He stated that these many missions that are made through different means of communication are in fact the first stage of crimes, carried out by people from inside and outside, and most of them are from abroad, and in the case of access to accounts and funds, the second stage comes to complete the first crime which is "washing" those savings and imparting Legitimacy by depositing and then circulating along with other clean money, both of which fall within the scope of crimes punishable by law.

    Al-Mutawa stressed the necessity of not responding to such offers and informing the concerned authorities of the arrival of these messages to take the necessary action before the crime occurred, and in the event of fraud, the aggrieved party is required to immediately report the crime, either to the bank or to go directly to the competent authorities.​

    He stressed that the Kingdom is one of the countries targeted by gangs of financial fraud, but what distinguishes them is that the competent authorities are ready to face such currents and deal with them before they commit their crime, so a unified direct number was distributed to report any message bearing this content (330330) .. appealing Everyone is not to deal with these messages, and not to disclose information of the confidential nature of bank accounts, and in the event that any citizen wishes to work in the field of financial investment, the methods are clear to him, and he does not need to deal with entities or individuals who do not have the slightest knowledge of them​.

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