• Asharqia Chamber will hold the program «I CAN» for the students of Imam Abdulrahman Al Faisal University


    With the participation of 35 student
               Asharqia Chamber held last week, represented by the council of the young businesswomen in Eastern Region and with the participation of 35 students from the University of Imam Abdulrahman Al Faisal, a workshop within the program «I CAN», which aims to create a new generation of young Saudi women who are unable to be self employed, so by encouraging them for the initiative, and the creativity to motivate them in job creation rather than requesting them.
    The lecturers presented the program for students a full explanation for many of the issues related to free work, as the business pioneering and how to reach them.
    the most important elements and the steps that follow them to achieve success in the business world, as well as a review of the methods and tools to go into the world of commercial tenders, and to clarify the importance of the franchise and intellectual property rights in the business.
    For his part, Secretary General of Asharqia Chamber, Abdulrahman bin Abdullah Al Wabel, said that the goal of the program «I CAN» since it was launched by the Chamber, with the encouragement of self employment culture among male and female citizens comes out of the strong belief of the Chamber  that the sustainability and expansion of self employment base and its derivatives in the country is a proof of the quality of the national economy, pointing to the role of the program to improve and support young women work and contribute to the creation of economic supportive environment, pointing that the program besides being an effective tool in the spread of self employment seeks to enhance the culture of the administrative work among young professional business.

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