• Asharqia Chamber holds its general assembly and reviews the most prominent programs supporting the business sector


    ​Asharqia Chamber holds its general assembly and reviews the most prominent programs supporting the business sector​

    Asharqia Chamber held on Tuesday evening, March 8, 2022 AD the work of the General Assembly for the fiscal year 2021 AD, during which the Chairman of the Board of Directors, Badr bin Suleiman Al-Raziza, reviewed the Chamber’s achievements, various activities, and services provided to more than 113 thousand subscribers by the end of 2021 AD, under the title “Leadership in serving the business sector”, As well as a summary of the Chamber's financial position, the results of the financial year ending last December, and the operating and capital budget for the current year. The Chamber's financial and administrative regulations were also approved in the presence of a remarkable presence of the Chamber's subscribers.

    Al-Raziza said that the Chamber was able to last year, following its vision and mission, and in keeping with the requirements of the 2030 vision, achieve many achievements; Whether in terms of economic awareness or providing distinguished services to the business sector, it was an example in revealing the identity of the Eastern Province investment and an aid to the business sector in being aware of the economic developments that the Kingdom and the region are going through.

    Al-Raziza indicated that 2021 was an exceptional year, at the national level, in which the Kingdom overcame the repercussions of the pandemic with measures and decisions that became a model for dealing with crises, and in terms of the Chamber’s work, the same year witnessed the implementation of the Chamber’s new strategy that was launched to achieve further development and enhance performance. And improving resources, in line with the transformations of the 2030 vision.

    Al-Raziza considered that the year 2021 AD is the year of achievements and the introduction, adoption, and implementation of programs and initiatives, especially in terms of the expected dimensions and the priorities followed, by placing it at the forefront of entrepreneurship programs, youth resettlement projects and many other activities and events, which were monitored by the Chamber’s annual report for 2021.

    Al-Raziza said that during the past year, the Chamber continued its efforts towards supporting the national economy and that as part of its endeavors to enhance sustainability, it launched, under the patronage and honor of His Highness the Governor of the Eastern Region and His Highness his Deputy, one of its most important steps for financial sustainability by opening (the investment tower), which ensures its continuity in developing its services to its subscribers. It launched the "Asharqia Chamber of Entrepreneurship Incubator", which is concerned with guiding, nurturing, and growing emerging projects, providing mentorship, and creating a platform for communication between entrepreneurs.

    He went on to say:( as a contribution to achieving integration with various institutions and initiatives, the Chamber has set up an office that supports the state's directions in combating commercial cover-up to be a platform to enable requests to correct the situation. It has also organized many meetings and forums to discuss the aspirations and aspirations of the business sector and work to overcome challenges in all sectors so that it performs its developmental roles.

    Al-Raziza revealed that during the year 2021 AD, the business committees achieved several achievements, and carried out about (331) meetings, about (59) meetings of the work teams and (17) extended meetings, and the number of lectures and workshops organized by them reached (61) lectures and workshops, while the number of Hosts, visits, and meetings of officials (101) meetings. Business committees and councils also presented several initiatives that emphasize the principle of partnership and development with the business sector, including: (The Sharkia Initiative is fortified, the launch of self-service for the classification of contractors, the Baitul Rahman initiative, and the Takamol initiative).

    Al-Raziza indicated that the last year witnessed the Chamber's preparation of about (56) studies, research, reports, and specialized working papers, and about (25) reports that included the state of trade relations between the Kingdom and other countries, and 12 reports were prepared to represent the views of the business sector on economic developments in the country. In the field of legal advice, the number of beneficiaries reached (492), while (13) arbitration cases were completed, (8) cases of commercial disputes were resolved, while the number of registered and completed protest cases reached (48) cases that were terminated (13) case of them.​

    As part of the Chamber's endeavor to expand in the field of legal advice and commercial arbitration and to work within the institutional framework, the Chamber inaugurated the Arbitration Center, which is managed by a group of experienced and qualified experts in the fields of arbitration.

    Intending to enhance cooperation and develop international relations to promote foreign investment, Al-Raziza said that the number of visits by delegations and officials to the Chamber reached (20), while the number of Saudi businessmen’s participation in external events and events reached about (9) delegations.
    About the fields of training and employment, Al-Raziza said that the Chamber, represented by the Training and Leadership Development Center, implemented (50) training and rehabilitation programs, and the number of beneficiaries of the center’s services reached (1182) male and female trainees, with several training days amounting to (236) days, and the Chamber’s employment center was also organized (28) Employment meetings in cooperation with several establishments, during which it attracted (3590) job applicants who competed for (1648) jobs offered by (41) companies and institutions.
    To enhance women’s empowerment efforts, Al-Raziza stated that the Chamber, through its Center for Women Empowerment, implemented about (62) programs and events, benefiting (5600) women. The center also provided (178) information services on all economic activities, in addition to providing (6) training programs Specializing in educating and helping women and entrepreneurs.
    Al-Raziza pointed out that last year witnessed the continuation of the Small and Medium Enterprises Center to provide services and programs to entrepreneurs. It provided about (680) consultations throughout the year, and organized (12) lectures and workshops and (5) consultative meetings, in addition to opening an office to facilitate Business in cooperation with "Monsha'at" to identify the challenges faced by the small and medium enterprises sector and entrepreneurs.

    Al-Raziza said that it is the culmination of the efforts of the Asharqia Chamber in support of social responsibility, the Committee of Friends of Patients in the Chamber achieved first place for the non-profit sector in the “Man First” award, which was launched by the branch of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development in the Eastern Province, pointing to the committee’s continuity in its bid of providing devices and medical supplies, visit hospitals and patients and touch their needs.
    After the Assembly’s work, Al-Raziza valued the great support of His Royal Highness, Prince Saud bin Nayef bin Abdulaziz, Governor of the Eastern Region, for all the Chamber’s outputs, and his constant keenness to take care of the private sector, as well as His Royal Highness, Prince Ahmed bin Fahd bin Salman He also thanked and appreciated the members of the Chamber’s board of directors for the eighteenth session and all government agencies and departments, among others, who had outstanding contributions and clear fingerprints in many of the projects launched by the Chamber during the past year.​

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