• Asharqia Chamber holds a training program entitled "Own a mindset of change" presented by international spokesperson Cyril Kurtlefin


    ​Asharqia Chamber holds a training program entitled "Own a mindset of change" presented by international spokesperson Cyril Kurtlefin​

    The Training Center of the Asharqia Chamber, in cooperation with Origin International, is organizing an intensive training program on administrative leadership under the title "Own a mindset of change" on Wednesday 4 March 2020, with the participation of the Belgian expert and international speaker Cyril Kurtlefin, at the headquarters of the Chamber in Dammam.

    The speaker highlighted a number of themes related to effective leadership in light of the current challenges, and embrace the mentality of change management in a time of instability and economic, it also offers a detailed reading about how the impact of leaders on others in various government institutions and bodies, and the mechanism of providing them with entrepreneurial and creative skills, with talk about the role of the leader in the face of obstacles to the adoption of change and how to transform the challenges and difficulties and opportunities for success.​

    As a specialized speaker who won several awards in the field of enhancing the creative mindsets of successful leaders, he searches several important issues in this field such as (employee resistance to change, effective communication, attracting and motivating the employee to work during the change process), in addition to various other axes that the speaker will address during program sessions.​

    It is noteworthy that Kurtlefin is an expert specialized in motivating employees and individuals and inspiring them to unleash their full potential and break the patterns of fixed and traditional thinking, and he has experience and practical history of more than 20 years in the field of creativity and innovation, as he was able to influence a large number of leaders of major institutions in more than 25 countries Around the world, including "NASA American, Philips, Pfizer, Deloitte, PDO", and others. It also helped many institutions to achieve their most important strategic goals, by involving all employees in the process of change, reducing fear of external risks to the institution, and adopting a creative mindset​.

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